“Mission-Driven to Supply Superlative Tuition”, Says CEO and Founder of Tutors International

Adam Caller, Tutors International’s CEO, spoke about how his company is driven by its mission to offer superlative, tailored tuition to the children of families who have a particular educational need.

Education Consultant, Adam Caller, the CEO and Founder of elite private tutoring company,Tutors International, has grown a prestigious global business. Established in 1999, Tutors International’s remarkable reputation has been built on years of superlative standards and absolute discretion. When businesses expand to the globalised reach that Tutors International has, this often comes at the expense of a personalised service and its founder may become increasingly distant from the work itself.  Adam Caller triumphs in avoiding this. He is involved in every crucial recruitment decision as well as the consultation process for Clients. He remains the driving force of Tutors International and is key to delivering the expert tailored education promised by his company.

Mission-Driven to Provide Superlative, Tailored Tuition

Mr Caller’s extensive tutoring experience makes him a private tutoring industry expert and a prominent and authoritative voice on private tuition as well as the education sector in general. He elaborates on what he believes is the motivating force that drives his company forward:

“From the start, Tutors International was mission-driven by a need to help families and children find a way to thrive – whatever their challenges – through targeted tuition. We are driven by a belief to provide superlative, tailored tuition to families who have a particular need. That need could be that the family wish to spend more quality time with one another; there may be a desire to travel; their child may have their focus split between sports training and academics or there could be an academic need – the child may have learning differences, or be changing school systems. It’s basically why Tutors International exists and why we continue to flourish”.

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Mr Caller continues: “Our core mission is to provide specialist, high-end personalised tuition; this has always been the foundation and focus of our marketing communications. Tutors International is driven to provide world-class, effective solutions for our Clients in bigger and better ways. We aim to prioritise what matters most to our Clients and, in doing so, we hope to continue to improve our services and steer the company towards longevity and success”.

What Distinguishes Tutors International from Other Tutor Companies?

With a career in education spanning over 30 years, Mr Caller believes in embracing latest developments, incorporating them into a child’s own individual curriculum while prioritising their creativity and nurturing a natural curiosity:

“This is key in shaping adults that can use their own skills to adapt and succeed in a world that their teachers may never get to experience. In private tutoring, we see time after time how focusing on a child’s individual interests and talents, and adapting teaching styles and lesson planning to compliment them, results in a child who is more interested and eager to learn. Tutors International deals with Clients who are looking for ‘outside the box’ thinkers when selecting their private tutors. They want someone who can expose their child to a wide range of topics, concepts and ideas from an early age, and use new advancements in technology to their learning advantage. They want someone who can ‘move with the times’, and this paves the way for some very exciting job opportunities for forward thinking tutors, worldwide”.

Unlike other tutoring companies, Tutors International conducts a customised global search for each Tutor, in accordance with each individual requirement of each Client. This exquisite attention to detail ensures that the private home tutor and the family are perfectly matched and that the ideal Tutor is working in each placement.

Most tutoring companies assign a tutor and then leave the Client and Tutor to it –  unsupported and unmanaged. Tutors International is not ‘most tutoring companies’. An integral part of their superior Client experience is their ongoing support service. Tutors International remain on hand for support for the duration of the contract period. This means that should issues arise, they are available to offer their expertise, implement any necessary changes, and answer any questions from the Client or Tutor for the duration of the placement.

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Socially Responsible: Committed to Providing Educational Opportunities

According to a recent study, 91% of global consumers said they would support a brand associated with a good cause. Not only is Tutors International the leading provider of elite private tuition worldwide, but its Mentorship Programme supports individuals and causes which align with their educational ethos of providing young people the freedom to learn in a flexible, supportive, and tailored environment. Drawing on the extensive educational experience of Tutors International’s senior management team, they provide advice, financial support, and guidance to select students of all backgrounds who demonstrate aptitude, aspiration, and fortitude. It is this commitment to high-quality education that established Tutors International as the reputable residential private tutoring company  Commenting on their mentorship programme, Mr Caller said:

“We believe in providing young people with opportunities to enhance their education naturally and intuitively. Our inclusive mentorship programme enables us to support students of all backgrounds who exhibit motivation and talent – irrespective of socioeconomic status or any other factor”.

Incomparable Employees with Singular Work Ethic

Leadership expert, Simon Sinek claims that if you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe:

“The goal is not just to hire people who need a job; it’s to hire people who believe what you believe. I always say that… if you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money, but if they believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears”.

Research shows that employees who have an emotional connection to their place of work, who feel that the ethos of their company aligns with their own values, are likely to be more productive and remain loyal to the company. Tutors International prides itself in employing those who are not only the very best in their field, but who have remained loyal to the company for many years. Mr Caller expands on Tutors International’s ability to attract and retain quality employees:

“Tutors International engages in mission-driven marketing and so attracts those with similar values. This means that we have been able to build a committed, superlative workforce to help run our business, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and dedication. Retaining the services of key employees over many years means a lower turnover rate and helps inculcate a stronger company culture and a stronger brand reputation. We are able to draw on our own personal and professional experiences within the private tutor sector and our Clients can be assured that we have a well-established history of excellence in education. The vast accumulated experience of our employees guarantees that we are able to provide the expertise that our Clients are searching for”.

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