41% Of US Employees Will Look for Another Job in 2024 if Their Company Doesn’t Provide Them With Training Opportunities

Personalized and non-work-related training are among the top L&D trends for 2024, according to a report by TalentLMS and Vyond.

TalentLMS, the learning management system (LMS) for training success, in collaboration with Vyond, a leading AI-powered video creation platform, is releasing a research report on the 2024 learning and development trends within organizations.

The survey was conducted among 1,000 employees across industries in the U.S., revealing the pivotal role training plays in retaining a skilled and motivated workforce. Forty-one percent of employees said they will look for another job in 2024 if their company doesn’t provide them with training opportunities.

Given the importance of training for employee engagement and satisfaction, the survey explored the types of training and skills that will be important for organizations to provide in 2024. Eight in ten employees think personalized learning will be important in 2024, and 68% stated the same for non-work-related training that supports their overall well-being.

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“There is a growing need among employees for training on topics and skills that transcend their job roles,” said Thanos Papangelis, Co-founder of TalentLMS. “Personal and professional growth are not separate roads to success. Companies should invest in nurturing well-rounded professionals, acknowledging continuous learning beyond job specifics is essential in the ever-changing business landscape.”

The TalentLMS-Vyond survey revealed the top three non-mandatory training topics employees want to get training on are leadership and management, mental health, and use of AI tools.

Underscoring the importance of training in career development, 72% of respondents said they have progressed in their careers thanks to the training they’ve received from their companies in 2023. In addition, 71% report feeling more prepared for the future of work because of the training they’ve been provided. Still, two in three employees (66%) think they need to develop new skills to be successful at their job.

“People-first companies know that skills development is essential to both the business and the employee,”said Van Diamandakis, Chief Commercial Officer at Vyond. “Getting it right for today’s workforce requires addressing the challenges of workplace learning, including cost effective, relevant and engaging learning delivered at the moment of need and at scale, surfaced in our findings.”

According to employees, when it comes to training offered by their companies, some of the main challenges they face are that training requires too much time and it isn’t delivered in an engaging way. In fact, 68% responded they take training on a personal basis to improve their workplace skills and 58% use social media to cultivate new skills.

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