Covenant Technologies Announces Strategic Alliance with Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership

Covenant Technologies, a premier provider of staffing solutions in the IT and cybersecurity sectors, proudly unveils its membership and strategic alliance with Northeastern University’s Center for Technology Management and Digital Leadership (CTMDL). This strategic collaboration represents a significant stride in addressing the growing lack of bench strength in the cybersecurity industry with an increasing need for higher-level talent.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a unique opportunity for individuals entering the MS in Strategic Technology Leadership Business School Program (STL) through Covenant’s Strategic Alliance as a member of Northeastern’s CTMDL. These individuals will receive a robust discount of 25%, an offer not accessible through direct access to Northeastern. Moreover, candidates must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution and demonstrate a specific GPA, ensuring a standard of academic excellence within the program.

Casey Marquette, CEO at Covenant Technologies, expresses his excitement about the alliance, stating, “We are thrilled to unite forces with Northeastern University, an esteemed institution known for its academic excellence and forward-thinking approach. This strategic alliance positions Covenant alongside top-tier educational resources, empowering our clients to foster unparalleled talent and expertise in IT and cybersecurity. This positions our clients to effectively tackle the growing problem of a lack of high-level cybersecurity professionals by engaging with a program that is already renowned for its educational excellence.”

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In addition to the robust discount, the strategic alliance offers a wide array of initiatives aimed at enhancing professional development in the technology sector:

  • MS in Strategic Technology Leadership Business School Program (STL): Tailored for mid-managers and above aspiring for executive positions, the STL program offers a unique blend of executive mentorship, immersive residencies, and interactive online learning. Students undergo rigorous training to develop executive and strategic skills, with a focus on roles like Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Specialized Executive Programs and Master Classes: Customized programs and master classes cater to various levels of employees and partners, providing valuable certifications from Northeastern University. These programs, led by industry mentors and Northeastern faculty, can be tailored in duration and delivery format to meet organizational needs.
  • Workforce CISO Services: Through collaboration with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), Northeastern University facilitates cyber employment opportunities for underserved populations, including veterans. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between skilled talent and industry demand, offering managed services and professional development training.
  • Corporate Membership and Alliance Relationships: CTMDL offers annual memberships to companies, granting access to mentors, educational discounts, technology updates, and research opportunities. Those with exclusive relationships benefit from co-branding opportunities and collaboration on joint ventures.
  • Digital Leaders Program: Executives seeking education in management in a digital world can enroll in the Digital Leaders Program, receiving personalized education and mentorship support. Graduates receive a certificate and lifetime membership in CTMDL.

The 25% discount for Covenant Strategic alliance entrants, combined with the comprehensive curriculum and resources provided by Northeastern University’s CTMDL, makes this collaboration an unparalleled opportunity for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the IT and Cybersecurity sector.

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