Korian Confirms Its Commitment to Training With Over 10% of Staff in Qualifying Programmes and New Training Schemes Opened Across Europe

  • 6,000 Korian employees now involved in a qualifying training course: above the 2022 target of 10% of total staff

  • 11 new qualifying programmes initiated in 2022 across Europe with training partners

  • Over 1,000 people trained through “Korian schools” in 2022

  • Diploma ceremonies organised in France

The leading European care services group for elderly and fragile people, pursues its ambitious human resources policy with a strong focus on employee training, in consistency with the group engagements.

Korian has already exceeded its 2022 target, set at 10%, in relation to the part of total employees engaged in qualifying programmes, with 6,000 employees currently involved. This compares to 4% in 2019, and reflects the strong investment of the Group over the last few years to become a learning company. In particular, Korian continues to develop its apprenticeship schemes across the Group, with 2 new countries this year, Netherlands and United Kingdom, and has reached 3,000 apprentices at group level.

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In France, Korian invests over € 20 million per year in the training of its staff with, in particular, its own schools, apprenticeship training centres or dedicated courses, co-developed with Korian, to train notably nurses, caregivers, site managers and catering staff. In 2022, 11 new training partnerships opened to our teams have been launched across Europe.

Initiatives are flourishing in each country where the Group is present, in line with the specific needs in terms of job functions, local education frameworks and state diplomas.

  • France: new nurse apprenticeship scheme opened with already more than 140 people enrolled;
  • Germany: development of local partnerships for apprenticeship, with more than 2,000 apprentices in 2022;
  • Belgium: participation in Project 600, a specific nurse training for professional reorientation, with significant success in 2022 with over 140 persons enrolled, from 74 in 2021;
  • Italy: focus on Master degree training in partnership with universities, with programmes for both nurses and social workers;
  • UK, Spain, Netherlands: apprenticeship and/ or qualifying training programmes launched in all three countries in 2022.

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Korian’s ambition it to be able to source 50% of its recruitment internally over the years to come. In 2022, close to 12,000 people will have been recruited by Korian, including around 5,000 in France.

In order to celebrate the commitment of its collaborators to delivering high quality care, Korian is organising diploma ceremonies. In this context, on December 6th, 2022, 265 French collaborators from 180 different facilities received, from Sophie Boissard, Korian Group Chief Executive Officer, and Nicolas Mérigot, Korian France Chief Executive Officer, diplomas representing the wide range of job functions offered by the Group.

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