Dayforce Delivers Dayforce Flex Work

Flex Work unlocks the value of the contingent workforce

Dayforce, a global human capital management (HCM) leader that makes work life better, announced the award-winning Dayforce Flex Work is available to organizations in the United States. Flex Work is an on-demand marketplace that helps organizations augment their workforce with flexible talent – quickly, simply, and compliantly – to address fluctuating labor demands.

Flexibility is the currency of today’s workforce with 52 percent of workers globally ranking flexibility as an attribute they value most in a job. Yet many existing labor planning practices, schedules, and technology solutions aren’t designed to support the realities of the current environment.

With Flex Work, organizations can post open shifts and scale their workforce by selecting from a pool of skilled and flexible workers – all within a single platform. By filling schedule and skills gaps with vetted, W-2 talent, employers can accelerate their staffing needs with faster onboarding and less training. Flex Work manages background checks, onboarding, and payroll – giving employers peace of mind and reducing administrative burden. Organizations can benefit from an expanded talent pool, including gig, alumni, retired, and seasonal workers, while reducing their sourcing, onboarding, and verification costs.

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“There is a clear, critical need to remove friction between how organizations operate and how people want to work,” said Erik Zimmer, Executive Vice President, Strategic Ventures, Dayforce, Inc. “By smoothly connecting organizations and workers, we’re transforming this labor dynamic for the better – while fueling a flexible, boundless workforce for the benefit of our customers and today’s flex workers.”

Flex Work is democratizing the gig economy and removing barriers, giving more diverse sectors – like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and beyond – the ability to participate. Workers can easily find local shifts, build their schedules, and get paid on the same day with Dayforce Wallet.

“Companies must balance labor shortages and shifting market demands while providing workers with the flexibility and consistency they desire,” said Melody Brue, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. “An on-demand marketplace like Flex Work can help companies place vetted workers in jobs that align with their skills and profiles – on a timeline that is a win for both parties. And with a W-2 model, Flex Work disrupts the usual gig economy compensation structure by providing workers with traditional employee advantages while gaining access to earnings after each shift through Dayforce Wallet.”

Dayforce makes work life better. Everything we do as a global leader in HCM technology is focused on improving work for thousands of customers and millions of employees around the world. Our single, global people platform for HR, payroll, talent, workforce management, and benefits equips Dayforce customers to unlock their full workforce potential and operate with confidence.

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