Workforce Logiq Rated a “Best Imaginable/Fully Configurable” VMS Provider in Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) VMS Landscape and Differentiators Report

Workforce management technology company highlighted as an industry leader with highest number of top ratings in most recent report

Workforce Logiq, a global provider of AI-powered workforce intelligence, technology, and services, announced today its rating as a “Best Imaginable/Fully Configurable” platform in SIA’s most recent VMS Global Landscape & Differentiators Report. Workforce Logiq was one of 14 global VMS providers fully evaluated by SIA, one of the most trusted global advisors large employers depend on when making their staffing and workforce solution decisions.

Workforce Logiq and its competitors were assessed by SIA using 84 specific criteria in six categories – User Experience; Direct Sourcing; Supplier Engagement and Management; Statement of Work (SOW) Sourcing and Creation/Management and Reporting; Reporting and Analytics; and Time, Expenses, and Invoicing. Out of all the global VMS providers fully evaluated, Workforce Logiq had the largest number – or 68% – of its criteria ranked as “Best Imaginable/Fully Configurable.” This is two times higher than the 34% average for all 14 fully evaluated global VMS providers.

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Workforce Logiq’s VMS capabilities, available as part of its integrated MSP solution, had the highest number of top ratings in the User Experience and Direct Sourcing categories. These results are a testament to Workforce Logiq’s ongoing investments in the development of a personalized user interface, its advanced mobile capabilities, hands-on product training and customer support, and the development of its patent-pending IQ Talent NetworkSM, a fully AI-powered and integrated direct sourcing solution.

The Workforce Logiq VMS platform’s superior ratings in the SOW Sourcing and Creation category highlights its patent-pending paperless workflow, including its ability to integrate with the customer’s system for budget approval, build an RFX within the application, view and amend previously used templates, onboarding, and more.

“This evaluation result by SIA is directly related to our ongoing investments in transforming how our client partners build and sustain the workforce they need to grow and win – leveraging both Workforce Logiq’s technology and expert advisors,” said Jim Burke, Workforce Logiq CEO. “We will continue to enhance our VMS capabilities, giving employers the data-driven edge they need to make smart, fast, and cost-effective decisions about where, how, and when to procure talent.”

Other notable capabilities highlighted by the SIA report include:

  • Reporting, analytics and benchmarking: Workforce Logiq’s IQ AnalyticsSM center provides proprietary benchmark data and in-depth analytics to clients. This enables better and faster decision making, with real-time and interactive data visualization.
  • Automation and process enhancements: Workforce Logiq’s VMS workflows streamline and automate business processes including, requisition creation, SOW engagement management, worker onboarding, and hirer to supplier communications. Additionally, enrollment wizards have been added to both the VMS and mobile app, enabling workers to complete the onboarding process faster.
  • Direct sourcing, talent pooling, and candidate matching and selection: Workforce Logiq’s IQ Talent Network utilizes advanced, predictive self-sourcing technology to proactively build talent pools of pre-qualified candidates interested in all types of work opportunity. It aggregates and analyzes 40,000 sources of data on over 100 million professionals and 6 million companies daily, ensuring clients have immediate access to talent.

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The SIA VMS Global Landscape & Differentiators Report is designed to help HR and procurement executives understand the VMS market across the globe, gain visibility of trends about the evolution of contingent workforce management, shortlist prospective providers, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of providers. The data and analysis included in the report are based on the results of a survey of VMS providers followed by detailed demonstrations of each platform.

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