Vantaca Launches Vantaca IQ, the Business Intelligence Solution for Community Association Management Companies

Vantaca, the leading software provider for the community association management industry, is proud to announce the release of Vantaca IQ, a first-of-its-kind business intelligence solution built exclusively for community association management. Vantaca IQ provides real-time visibility into a management company’s business and empowers data-driven decisions that drive performance.

According to Vantaca’s Chief Product Officer, Adam McCombs, “The challenge facing many community association management companies today is the lack of accessible and actionable data. Without a central source of truth, decision-making can be slow and reactive, leading to frustration for employees and dissatisfaction from customers.”

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The performance tools inside Vantaca IQ enable management companies to identify trends, optimize staffing allocations, make improvements, and drive better performance across their entire organization.

At the core of Vantaca IQ are three key data views that provide real-time, digestible insights into business performance.

  • Business IQ provides executive-level leaders with real-time data from all associations they manage, including insights into workflow and action item status, invoice status, bank balance amounts, financial delivery, and service requests.
  • Association IQ empowers managers to drill down into individual associations to see what’s happening on a more granular level.
  • Employee IQ monitors employee activity metrics, showing people managers what activities their employees are working on and where additional training or resources may be needed.

Vantaca IQ also includes a personal view called ‘My Dashboard’. My Dashboard is a customizable dashboard that allows users to choose the performance tools and specific views to track what they find most important.

“Accelerating proactive decision-making is a competitive advantage for community management companies. Vantaca IQ provides easy access to actionable data, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and improve overall performance,” McCombs added.

Additional features of Vantaca IQ include comparison tools across associations and employees to understand productivity per employee or value delivered per association. Security and access features enable users to control which employees can access specific dashboards and views. Vantaca IQ also offers printable dashboards that can be shared with management and at board meetings, as well as weekly report summaries sent straight to a user’s email inbox.

“Vantaca is committed to listening to our customers and investing in continuous innovation to transform the community association management industry. With the launch of Vantaca IQ, we’re taking a giant leap forward in providing actionable insights and empowering our customers to make data-driven decisions. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the CAM industry,” said Ben Currin, CEO at Vantaca

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Vantaca IQ provides real-time, actionable data, increased efficiency, more transparency, and better performance for management companies.

“We’ve completely transformed how we supervise and what the KPIs are. Vantaca IQ is going to help us get our work done in a more efficient manner, understand our rub spots and solve the problems. The degree of clarity around approving invoices, responding to work orders, responding to resident questions… it’s all there for us to see in one place and that’s going to help us manage the whole process much better.” – Peter Greeves, Owner at EJF Real Estate Services, Inc.

“Vantaca is revolutionizing the community management industry with Vantaca IQ. Through this tool, we can prevent ‘fires’ before they start, find training opportunities for staff and have real-time data to hold our team accountable. The ability to not only see the number of open (or closed) tickets each team member has in their queue, but drill down directly into a ticket with a single click saves us time and improves efficiencies. Goodbye Power BI!” – Jake Turner, VP Client Relations, SBB Community Management

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