Tyme Commerce Brings New Value to Werqwise Collaborative Workspace With Smart Food Platform

Collaborative Working Spaces Now Available with the Best Food Delivery Selection in the City

Small businesses, gig economy workers and anyone who likes to work independently are addressing the challenge of finding appropriate workspace head-on with new collaborative workspace innovations. Now, Tyme Commerce, in its new partnership with co-working innovator Werqwise, is making co-working even more productive with Tyme Commerce’s new smart food delivery platform.

“We are re-inventing how people work,” said Alan Mackay, CEO of Werqwise. “People are demanding flexibility in the workplace. Collaborative workspaces are a key enabler of early success, and we do everything we can to provide an end-to-end workspace, including networking opportunities, flexible plans and a full support environment. To make the workspace even more complete, we are partnering with Tyme Commerce to deliver lunch and snack programs to each tenant’s work space.”

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Tyme Commerce’s next-generation food program includes a smart concierge named Emily, who knows each person’s food preferences, and is fully capable of managing orders from all of the more than 700 people working in Werqwise’s San Francisco location. “Our personalized food platform simplifies food delivery for large groups, making it easy for every person in the Werqwise space to get exactly what they want, how they want it, from an impressive selection of some of the best menus in the city,” said Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Tyme Commerce.

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Each tenant at Werqwise, whether they take advantage of roaming desk space, a dedicated desk or a private office, will be able to access Emily through a smartphone. Emily makes intelligent suggestions for each person, coordinating every order and ensuring fast and accurate delivery. “Having coordinated food delivery in a large co-working environment with over 700 people was one of our biggest challenges,” said Mackay. “Tyme Commerce offers the only complete food platform capable of filling this need.”

Offering much more variety than would an in-house cafeteria, Tyme Commerce gives workers more options, the convenience of ordering directly from their smartphone and the reliability of Emily’s AI-driven platform. “Together with Werqwise, our alliance transforms not only how people work, but how they order food,” said Marhamat. “Setting up shop at Werqwise, now with food ordering options from our digital concierge Emily, is truly an exceptional experience.”

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