Temporall Brings Improved Organizational Network Analysis with Culture Workbench

Temporall, a market leader in cultural analytics, announced the release of Culture Workbench, an enterprise ready, real-time culture analytics platform which enables organisations to continually measure workplace culture through a digital, integrated toolkit.

Workplace culture has historically been misunderstood and intangible. Culture Workbench measures the cultural health of an organisation and provides a smarter, real-time digital check on performance.

Culture & Innovation Index (CII)

Part of the Culture Index Library, senior leaders can now securely and anonymously capture extensive quantitative, qualitative, and organisational network analysis data utilising the Culture & Innovation Index (CII), Temporall’s culture diagnostic product that uncovers key insights from across an organisation.

Utilising the extensive Index Library, rich data analytics and reporting capabilities help leaders transform data into strategic insight to make better, more informed decisions.

Improved Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)

For some time now ONA has helped businesses by analysing the relationships and patterns between people and the impact that individuals have on the organisation. Culture Workbench combines quantitative, qualitative and sentiment analysis alongside ONA – something that has never been measured before.

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Technology partnerships

To coincide with the general availability of Culture Workbench Temporall is pleased to announce technology partnerships with Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Google Cloud. The partnerships enable Culture Workbench to offer enterprise integration, syndicating Temporall technology into existing productivity and communication tools.

  • Slack integration.

Seamlessly integrate Culture Workbench’s Bot to engage, gather insight and ideas from across the business via Slack. It securely captures real-time end-user feedback on organisational health, and recommendations for improvement directly from Slack Channels and Direct Messages.

  • Workplace by Facebook integration.

Culture Workbench’s Bot is used to continuously engage, gather insight and ideas from across an organisation within Workplace. Securely captures real-time responses and end-user feedback and recommendations for improvement directly in Workplace Chat.

  • Google Cloud integration.

Culture Workbench utilises many of the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud and is a foundational element of the platform’s advanced data analytics and machine learning functionality. Users can integrate with GSuite for real-time user provisioning or with Chat to gather end-user feedback and recommendations for improvement.

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There are two subscriptions packages and tailored enterprise solutions also available:

  • Foundation edition – access to the CII, £2.50 per employee, per month
  • Premium edition – access to the full Index Library and full suite of products and capabilities: £4.50 per employee, per month

Summary of key features

  • Culture Workbench combines quantitative, qualitative and sentiment analysis alongside ONA
  • Uses tools such as machine learning and sentiment analysis
  • Integrations with 3rd party technology partners – Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Google Cloud
  • Culture Index Library available in nine languages -Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi (India), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish
  • Ability to utilise Temporall team of data scientists for deep learning of existing data sets
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android) to make measuring culture even easier and more convenient – coming soon

Thomas Davies, Temporall Founder & CEO said, “Today marks a milestone moment for organisational health and workplace culture. For two years we’ve been developing our analytics technology to demystify culture, help business leaders develop it as a KPI and measure what impact it has. We wanted to create a cutting-edge enterprise ready tool that turns data into insight and helps leaders take informed action. And we’ve done just that.

Data analytics is already a growing practice for the C-Suite – in payroll, absences and operations performance, it can give insight into an organisation’s workforce and HR processes. And now businesses can use technology to gather more complex data about every element of company culture. I’m proud to work with a world-class team of experts and partners and look forward to seeing how culture analytics positively impacts performance for businesses in these transient times.”

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Stuart Simms, CEO of Rakuten Marketing, is an early adopter of culture analytics, believing it to be a cornerstone of managing change, and an active Temporall customer. He says “Culture analytics has helped us to track and measure the impact of change on our business performance. Historically we didn’t ask the right questions and they weren’t regularly supported up by meaningful data in terms of behavioural analysis and psychometrics. Now, not only do we ask the right questions, but more importantly we have the right tools to analyse and truly understand that data on demand.

Culture Workbench allows us to keep a constant eye on a dashboard, surfacing the impact of our decisions on employee engagement and motivation. Ultimately our ambition is to constantly evolve and adapt the organisation to ever changing market conditions, therefore we are selectively investing in tools which help achieve this mission.”