ThisWay Global Announces FloCareer as Inaugural UIP Partner

Harmonizing HR Apps: FloCareer Joins UIP to Accelerate the Hiring Process by Streamlining Candidate Data Flow

 ThisWay Global, the leader in AI bias-removal and talent acquisition sourcing technology, announced FloCareer as the inaugural partner of its Universal Integration Platform (UIP), a cloud-based module unveiled last month. UIP streamlines and fast-tracks integration and business automation for most top HR applications in companies of all sizes. UIP enables HR tech vendors to seamlessly integrate their products and services so employers can work with a unified platform to manage their HR tech stack more efficiently.

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Large companies typically integrate, on average, 20 or more core HR systems; ThisWay’s UIP dramatically reduces complexity, time, and integration costs. With UIP, ThisWay Global is advancing the ecosystem to enable HR tech solutions to exchange information more synergistically. UIP aligns with the industry’s push toward merging talent and technology, helping businesses advance the future of talent acquisition and management.

FloCareer is a leading HR tech company that provides the leading Interview as a Service platform which helps clients hire faster, smarter and better at scale. The company’s global senior software developers complete 20,000 technical interviews a month for clients across the globe, helping clients achieve a 70% reduction in their hiring turnaround time. It also offers a positive experience for job candidates. Currently, FloCareer’s candidate satisfaction rate on post-interview surveys is 94%., FloCareer delivers a more efficient, unbiased, and user-friendly hiring experience for employers and candidates alike.

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“Becoming an early partner with ThisWay’s UIP, we’re breaking new ground in hiring efficiency. We can integrate our interview evaluation platform with our clients’ existing Application Tracking Systems and other HR technologies to optimize the recruitment procedures, improving the hiring experience for companies and candidates alike,” said Mehul Bhatt, FloCareer CEO and CoFounder.

“We’re delighted to welcome FloCareer as our first UIP partner,” said Angela Hood, CEO of ThisWay Global. “Together, we’re enabling HR tech vendors’ solutions to work together more seamlessly through UIP’s automation.”

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