The Triple Bottom Line: Globalization Partners’ Strategy for Rocketship Growth

The following is a statement from Globalization Partners founder and CEO Nicole Sahin:

If you’ve ever been to a DMV, you might have seen that old cartoon that says: “FAST, CHEAP, GOOD—PICK TWO.” Conventional wisdom is similar when you start a company. People will tell you that you can’t have fast growth, happy customers AND happy employees.

The secret to balancing this success is what I call the Triple Bottom Line: prioritizing happy clients, happy employees, and happy shareholders.

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While a Triple Bottom Line may sound like an obvious formula for growth, it might also feel unrealistic. Its anathema to the typical blitz scaling mantra right now, which is “growth at all costs.” But the reality is, companies who focus only on growth end up underpaying people and treating customers so poorly that growth is ultimately unsustainable.

I wasn’t sure if the Triple Bottom Line would be achievable when I set out to build my business, but I knew I didn’t want to be in business any other way. Now, Globalization Partners is proof that the Triple Bottom Line is an exceptionally good strategy for growth.

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