Televerde Foundation Announces New Staff Hires to Expand Opportunities for Women Impacted by Incarceration

In a year of unprecedented events and challenges, Televerde Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides personal and professional development opportunities to women impacted by incarceration so they can attain meaningful and rewarding careers upon release, is pleased to announce that it has doubled its workforce since the start of 2021. The foundation added four new staff members, bringing the total number of employees to eleven. The new hires include Tami Martinez, head of Employment Services; Tina Schnaitman, certified peer support specialist; Yolanda Ewing, workforce development facilitator; and Ashlee Liberty, project coordinator.

“The depth of knowledge and experience these new team members bring to our foundation is critical as we continue to work to improve reentry outcomes by providing opportunities for women impacted by incarceration to support themselves through legitimate and productive work,” said Michelle Cirocco, executive director, Televerde Foundation. “The effectiveness of learning behind bars cannot be overstated. By increasing access to education, skill-building, and technology certification and by providing support mechanisms such as mentoring, personal development, and career readiness, the women with whom we work can reclaim their independence and break the cycle of recidivism, strengthening their families, communities, and the global economy.”

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Today’s announcement is yet another gratifying proof point that more leaders in business, academia, and volunteer organizations are stepping up to help reduce the prison population by strengthening opportunities for those incarcerated to successfully re-enter their communities upon completion of their sentences.

“We’re seeing a transformation in society today,” added Cirocco. “Leaders across all sectors are recognizing the importance of second-chance hiring and the work we are doing to improve outcomes for women impacted by incarceration. Because of their growing investments in our foundation, we can scale, expand opportunities for women, and help organizations build an inclusive hiring pipeline that includes people with criminal backgrounds.”

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“My passion is to provide hope to the women as they transition and introduce them to great opportunities for their personal and professional development.” — Tami Martinez, head of Employment Services

“I joined the foundation because the women and their success are my passion; they are like my children. I want them to have the best of everything. They bring joy to my life.” – Tina Schnaitman, certified peer support specialist

“The reason why I joined the Televerde Foundation is to inspire and be inspired by amazing people who empower others to live their best life every day.” – Yolanda Ewing, workforce development facilitator

“I joined the foundation after completing Career Paths and seeing how much it had done for me. I wanted everyone to have that experience. I’m passionate about encouraging women with similar experiences.” – Ashlee Liberty, program coordinator

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