A Sound Business Case Is Critical to Ensure Success for Major HR Initiatives

McLean & Company, the trusted partner of HR and leadership professionals globally, has released a new research guide to help HR leaders develop a sound HR business case to accelerate buy-in. This timely guide will allow HR leaders to articulate and track projected success to fast-track and gain business confidence.

HR initiatives are often denied or postponed because of a lack of organizational buy-in. These initiatives can often be complex and expensive and require a significant amount of planning to implement successfully. A financial business case is sometimes used to justify these initiatives, but it often lacks well-defined project objectives. Once the business case is approved, it is often forgotten, eliminating a critical check and balance of benefit realization.

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According to McLean & Company, a clear business case for a key HR initiative can make the difference between project success or failure. Effective cases go beyond getting approval for an initiative; the business case is a living document that offers governance and traceability throughout the project. Organizations should use it as a tool to review and track the realization of the proposed benefits at project inception, during implementation, and after the project goes live.

McLean & Company’s framework, found in the newly released blueprint, models the process to develop a sound case that will allow HR leaders to define initiative objectives and requirements, analyze the alternatives, and present the HR business case. This type of approach will help HR leaders to:

  • Understand the drivers for decision making in the organization and the way initiatives are evaluated.
  • Compile a compelling business case that provides stakeholders with sufficient information to make decisions confidently.
  • Evaluate proposed HR initiatives “apples to apples” using a standardized and repeatable methodology.
  • Provide a mechanism for tracking initiative performance during and after implementation.

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HR leaders can learn more about how best to articulate and track projected successes by downloading and reading the complete Develop a Sound HR Business Case to Accelerate Buy-In research blueprint.

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