Skillsoft Partners with Wintellect to Offer Expanded Training Opportunities for Enterprise Technologists and Developer Professionals

Skillsoft customers can augment their Technology and Developer content with WintellectNOW’s 500 hours of on-demand training on cutting-edge technologies

Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, announced a partnership with Wintellect, a renowned software training and application development company founded by a team of Microsoft technology experts. The partnership augments Skillsoft’s Technology and Developer portfolio of 23,000 multi-modal learning resources by allowing customers to license and deliver the WintellectNOW on-demand developer training solution on Percipio, Skillsoft’s award-winning learning experience platform. Skillsoft customers may also receive access to WintellectNOW through third-party learning management systems via Skillsoft’s Percipio Experience Services.

WintellectNOW, developed by some of the world’s best Microsoft trainers, speakers and technologists, features more than 500 courses, representing 500 hours of on-demand video-based content tailored for a variety of learners, from novice software developers to advanced technical experts. Beginning in spring 2019, Skillsoft customers can license WintellectNOW’s premier training on cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, DevOps, data science, AI and modern web programming. Available WintellectNOW courses include:

  • Data Science for Developers
  • Getting Started with Angular and ASP.NET Core
  • Performing I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
  • React State Hooks

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While learners will be able to deepen their knowledge with WintellectNOW courses through a modern learning environment, program administrators will have access to all learning data from Percipio, enabling them to view learner activity across content providers. This seamless, centralized reporting will streamline administrators’ ability to conduct audits, manage training records and measure the value of learning across their organization.

“As new technologies and programming methodologies are developed at a breakneck pace, it is critical for technology professionals to continually learn and gain proficiency in the latest advances,” said Jeff Prosise, co-founder and chief learning officer, Wintellect. “By partnering with Skillsoft, we are gaining access to a massive new population of enterprise technologists and developers, giving them the option to deepen their areas of technical expertise by using WintellectNOW on the same intelligent learning platform as their Skillsoft Technology and Developer content.”

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“WintellectNOW’s premier developer training is an excellent complement to Skillsoft’s Technology and Developer content portfolio,” said Mark Onisk, chief content officer, Skillsoft. “Making WintellectNOW’s extremely technical, in-depth training available alongside Skillsoft’s expansive library of Technology and Developer content on Percipio supports our goal of accelerating time to competence by delivering a frictionless experience that supports learning in the flow of work.”

At Skillsoft’s Perspectives conference in April, Jeff Prosise will present a session entitled “Skilling Up for the AI Revolution” featuring an introduction to machine learning and AI, and helping C-level executives and training managers decide where the value is, how to position their companies to take advantage of it and where to focus their training resources. “AI isn’t just a tool for data scientists,” Jeff explained. “It provides software developers with an opportunity to build intelligent apps that help companies operate smarter and more efficiently. And it is an area of emphasis at WintellectNOW.”

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