PostBeyond Launches Personalized Employee Advocacy Experience with New Content Library

PostBeyond, a leading Employee Advocacy solution, announced a new Employee Advocacy platform that helps companies scale their employee advocacy programs by creating an intelligent content experience for employees. Unlike traditional employee advocacy and social engagement platforms, these new capabilities empower companies to personalize how their employees discover, read and share content through intelligence.

As marketers continue to adopt Employee Advocacy as a core strategy, they are faced with the challenge of existing platforms falling short and failing to drive the employee adoption necessary for success. Platforms with disjointed experiences can overwhelm employees with a vast amount of content and an inability for them to discover content that is truly catered to them individually. By relieving employees of this disjointed experience, employees can find content that is both relevant and high-performing to deepen social media engagement, and demonstrate how Employee Advocacy can drive measurable business results.

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“Based on our customers’ feedback, the impact of our new content experience is tremendous. While we are releasing exciting work that drives our platform’s intelligence and connectivity, we can’t lose sight of the power of the user experience.” said David Lloyd, CEO of PostBeyond. “We have simply made the process of employee social influence even easier and more compelling.”

At PostBeyond, we recognize that ease-of-use is crucially important to our customers such as BCD Travel, Cogeco Peer 1 and [24] With the new user interface of our Content Library, our goal is to add new functionality for current and future customers while maintaining the simplicity of the experience. With new capabilities such as the Feed, employees can now customize their content viewing experience and with Explore, employees can now also find new posts and specific topics – all which makes it easier for employees to advocate on their brand’s behalf on social media.

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“PostBeyond gives us the ability to clearly demonstrate the positive impact our employees have as social sellers as well as on building our brand as social advocates.” – Ian Bain, VP Corporate Communications at [24]

PostBeyond’s new Employee Advocacy capabilities allow companies and their employees to:

  • Find their favorite content: each user has the ability to customize the Feed, their new homepage, within the PostBeyond platform.
  • Discover new content on the Explore page: the Explore page shows all of the posts available to a user, with filters and sorting capabilities that allow employees to drill down to find specific types of posts.
  • Browse easier, share more: when searching for a post to share, the Content Library is easily scannable. Employees will notice a few design changes that make the browsing experience easier on the eyes.

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At PostBeyond, our vision is to unlock the potential for influence within everyone. We aim to achieve this by enabling our users to intelligently share content with their trusted networks to drive measurable business results. In order to align with our vision, our new Content Library has capability to intelligently serve up the most impactful content to the user at the right time.

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