HR Technology Highlights – HR Tech Daily Round-Up For 28-August-2021

Welcome to the HR Tech Roundup. We have gathered the top HR trends for 2021 with  different HR categories like Employee Engagement, e-Learning, Training and Development, Employee wellness, Career Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Catch more in this HR and HR Tech highlight:

Zeal Raises $13 Million Series A To Scale API Infrastructure Allowing Companies To Build Custom Payroll Products

Zeal (formerly Puzzl), an API-first payroll infrastructure provider, announced a $13 million Series A round led by Spark Capital, with participation from Commerce Ventures and notable individual investors including: Marqeta CEO and Founder Jason Gardner and CRO Omri Dahan, Robinhood Founder Vlad Tenev, UltimateSoftware EVP Mitch Dauerman and SVP Bob Manne, and Namely Founder Matt Straz. The round follows a $1.6 million seed investment led by Long Journey Ventures, Box Group, and Scott & Cyan Banister. Zeal also announced it has added Spark Capital’s partner Natalie Sandman to its Board of Directors.

LBMC Employment Partners Adds Cigna National Plan To PEO

LBMC Employment Partners, a leading professional employer organization based in Nashville, TN, is pleased to announce the addition of the Cigna national plan to its PEO. The Cigna addition expands LBMC Employment Partners’ Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to provide a full suite of benefit offerings to businesses headquartered outside the state of Tennessee and complements the company’s established BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee plan offered to employers based in Tennessee. The key strategic expansion allows LBMC Employment Partners, a Certified PEO and member of NAPEO, to offer competitive health insurance to companies headquartered across the U.S.

Pandemic Retirement Surge Opens Doors For Second Careers

The number of retirees in the United States increased by an additional 1.7 million more than anticipated in early 2021, according to a study by the Dallas Federal Reserve. This tremendous exodus was spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, as many individuals opted to retire early.

But will these retirees choose to stay out of the workforce among growing hiring needs?

HireCapital: A New Recruiting Firm For A Changing Hiring Economy

Veteran staffing executive Paul Villella’s new recruiting and consulting firm, HireCapital, combines traditional recruiting strengths with contemporary methods, linking high tech and high touch.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Villella saw an inflection point within the labor market that dictated a new approach. Along with partners Alana Hyman and Jasmin Moser and recruiting practice lead PJ Godios, Villella founded HireCapital, a firm designed to satisfy the human capital needs of organizations navigating the dynamics of a changing hiring economy combined with accelerated digital transformation.

MyTTConline Launches Their New Live Virtual Training Platform For The Florida Department Of Transportation MOT Training & Certification Process

In response to the needs of organizations that have employees requiring Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Maintenance Of Traffic (MOT), now known as Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) in the state of Florida and the challenge of finding local training, myTTConline launches its new live virtual training platform. This new platform provides a convenient solution for organizations and individuals to save time and money on their FDOT MOT training requirements available, this new virtual live training represents the next step in the evolution of myttconline as a leader in FDOT TTC training in the state of Florida.