HR Technology Highlights – HR Tech Daily Round-Up For 27-August-2021

Welcome to the HR Tech Roundup. We have gathered the top HR trends for 2021 with  different HR categories like Employee Engagement, e-Learning, Training and Development, Employee wellness, Career Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Catch more in this HR and HR Tech highlight:

IR Launches Exclusive Cisco Prime Migration Deal

IR, the leading global performance management and analytics provider for critical communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure and payments ecosystems, has partnered with Cisco as their Preferred Solution Partner to offer an exclusive migration deal for Cisco Prime customers due to Cisco Prime’s imminent end-of-sale.

Dialpad Provides Turnkey Communications Solutions For WeWork Members, Enabling Hybrid Work Worldwide

Dialpad, Inc. and WeWork are reshaping the future of work through the combination of cloud communications and flexible workspace solutions. WeWork utilizes Dialpad as its exclusive communications tool for all team members through a softphone functionality or easy-to-use mobile phone application. Dialpad technology is also available to WeWork members in more than 800 locations, worldwide.

New Calix University Enables Broadband Businesses To Upskill Teams And Get To Market Faster

Calix, Inc. has launched a new virtual university to make learning more accessible for broadband service providers (BSPs) with personalized educational content and an expanded list of courses and certifications. Calix is building on its Education Services expertise to combine the existing Calix Solutions Academy as well as the soon-to-launch Broadband Academy and Broadband Marketing Academy under a single digital campus. Calix Solutions Academy accelerates time to knowledge and proficiency on Calix premises, cloud, and access solutions—while the Broadband Academy will deliver a cross-persona curriculum that covers the five-step Calix process to building a successful broadband business: fund, design, build, operate, and market. To assist BSPs with the latter, the Broadband Marketing Academy will deliver best practices for simplifying and automating market processes, exciting subscribers, and growing return on marketing investments.

Adapdix Addresses Data Scientist Shortage With A $5/Hour Program

Adapdix, the industry leader in Edge Automation software with its leading AI-Powered Automation technology, announced a subsidized program to provide its customers with access to qualified data scientists in order to help overcome the worldwide shortage of skilled staff required for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Dotin Inc. Onboarded By BYJU’S For AI Software Hiring Needs

BYJU’S, the world’s leading EdTech platform offering personalized student programs, announced their partnership with dotin Inc., a SaaS company that improves recruitment and retention of new and existing talent.

It is critical to secure high-quality employees to enhance their productivity and profitability. To support this effort, BYJU’S will leverage dotin’s employee assessment technology and expertise to determine optimal candidate alignment.