HR Technology Highlights – HR Tech Daily Round-Up For 16-Jun-2022

Welcome to the HR Tech Roundup. We have gathered the top HR trends for 2021 with different HR categories like Employee Engagement, e-Learning, Training and Development, Employee wellness, Career Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Catch more in this HR and HR Tech highlight:

Cadan Technologies, A Futuris Brand, Adds Next Generation Email Filtering To It’s Managed It Services Portfolio

Futuris Company a Human Capital Management (HCM) company focused on areas such as Staffing, Consulting, and Tech Services, provides its shareholders with an update on Cadan Technologies.

Cadan Technologies, a leading managed IT, security, IT staffing, and IT hardware and Software provider has added Mailprotector CloudFilter next generation email filtering to its portfolio of Managed IT and Security Services it provides to clients across all market segments.

Jobsite Nuuwork Launches And Calls For An End To Hiring Systems As We Know Them

Promising to be the job board and hiring site for “people who don’t want real* jobs”, NuuWork announces the opening of its virtual doors to both job seekers looking for a new way to find fulfilling and fair work in today’s employment landscape, and companies hoping to acquire quality talent. The jobsite will especially focus on project-based work in tech and new and emerging services catering to the exponentially expanding field of e-commerce businesses needing support on everything from social media to lead generation.

Visier Launches Free Monthly Data On Employee Resignations And Workforce Benchmarking Service

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, announced a free monthly report on North American employee movement. These new data findings, refreshed monthly, provide a glimpse into the state of the labor market from the employee’s perspective. Based on 15 million aggregated and anonymized records, this public data source will track employee resignations as a bellwether of labor market health at least one month ahead of data available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Payscale Enables Employers To Pay Employees Fairly With The Launch Of Its New Payfactors Platform

Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, announced it is further empowering employers to pay employees fairly with the launch of its new Payfactors platform. The evolved technology comes just one year after Payfactors and Payscale merged their offerings and equips employers with three unique native data sets which can be easily cross-referenced with third-party published data surveys.

Across the country, state legislation to publish salary bands is on the rise, forcing organizations in states including New York and Colorado to address internal transparency and pay compression issues head on. Payscale’s Compensation Best Practices report also shows a 10% increase in the number of organizations focused on developing a pay strategy between 2021 and 2022, with 76% of organizations experiencing labor shortages in 2021. The Payfactors platform provides organizations with customizable market perspectives to fully understand pay trends and to build pay strategies and structures that solve issues like pay compression — helping to retain talent and stay adaptive in labor market.

HMS Releases A Significant New Release To The Timecontrol Multi-Function Timesheet System. Timecontrol 8.3 Includes Many New And Enhanced Features

HMS Software, a leader in project and timesheet systems since 1984 has just announced the release of TimeControl version 8.3.  This is a significant update to the popular TimeControl family of products and services. “We are very proud of this latest release of TimeControl,” says Chris Vandersluis, president of HMS Software.  “While the workplace is changing day to day around the world, clients have found TimeControl to be an area of stability, capturing time, managing projects and making decisions on where to apply precious human resources to be most effective.  Whether a client is remote, hybrid or onsite, TimeControl has been a service and product in critical organizational processes that can be counted on.”

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