How LSI Connects Corporate Social Responsibility With Its Employees

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters to employees, consumers, and to businesses themselves. In a world where “doing the right thing” is becoming increasingly important, corporate social responsibility has evolved into a strategic initiative in Corporate America.

According to a 2016 Cone Communications study, some 64% of millennials surveyed do not want to work for an employer lacking a strong CSR program, and over three-quarters (76%) evaluate a potential employer’s CSR approach when considering employment opportunities. The study then went on to say that three of every four millennials would choose to work for an employer offering less money if that employer had a stronger commitment to CSR. Lastly, the study found that 83% of millennials would be more loyal to a company that helped them contribute to social or environmental causes.

LSI is an financial services center; so, employee engagement is critical to their mission of helping people. Energized, engaged employees provide Remarkable Service.

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LSI surveyed their employees to discover what social cause was most meaningful to them. The greatest number of employees voted to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). To help RMHC, LSI employees started by volunteering to make meals. Since 2017, LSI has provided over 1,000 volunteer hours to RMHC. LSI employees continue to vote on what meals their on-site volunteers make.  Employees also see pictures and videos of each volunteer outing on internal televisions, through internal emails and newsletters, as well as on LSI’s social media sites.

LSI’s clients even voted to forego their annual holiday gifts from LSI, so that the monies would go to gifts for families visiting RMHC during the holidays.

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Recently, the DuPage River Trail was connected to the back of the RMHC Winfield property. LSI employees thought it would be amazing if families could enjoy leisurely bike rides. So, they voted and decided to hold an internal fund-raising event, to purchase a bike shed and bikes.

LSI’s employee engagement has improved – a lot. LSI’s 2019 Employee Engagement Survey determined that over 90% of our employees are now engaged.

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