Hamilton-Ryker Uses Virtual Reality To Assess And Train Workers On Forklifts

Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing training, and Hamilton-Ryker‘s (H-R) newest division TalentGro is taking full advantage of this new technology.  The company is using VR Forklifts to assess proficiency and provide training to both temporary employees and clients’ direct employees.  Hamilton-Ryker has VR Forklifts at offices in KentuckyMississippi and Tennessee, but the units can be transported anywhere.

The offices in these three states are currently hosting open houses to demonstrate the equipment.

“We are one of the first staffing agencies in the Southeast region of the US to launch this type of training solution,” says H-R’s CEO Kelly McCreight. “It’s one of our Total Workforce Solutions and is going to increase our ability to assess and train workers for any company that relies on forklifts to support their operations.”

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VR Forklifts place trainees in a simulated work setting, which eliminates the safety risks and cost of training associated with using an actual forklift.  Another benefit is increased retention, which Hamilton-Ryker has already experienced through their client in Tupelo, MS.

Shari Franey, COO of Hamilton-Ryker who launched TalentGro® in 2018, stated, “Utilizing this technology enables us to assess candidates’ forklift driving skill level which allows us to determine if they can pass our clients’ driving tests.  Through the training feature, others were able to gain or improve their skills, allowing them to pass our clients’ tests and get the job.  This has resulted in an overall increase of 40% in successful placement of forklift drivers.

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Through the TalentGro division, Hamilton-Ryker offers other services such as Registered Apprenticeships and Soft Skills Training.  Hamilton-Ryker was honored with one of the first American Staffing Association Elevate Awards for this program in 2018. The ASA Elevate Awards pay tribute to U.S. staffing agencies that are creatively closing the skills gap by enhancing the talent of their workforce.

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