A strategic partnership has been announced between GRP Advisor Alliance (http://www.grpaa.com), an elite group of retirement plan advisors from across the country, and PTO Genius (http://www.ptogenius.com), an HR software platform that enables companies to increase productivity and lower employee-related expenses associated with accrued paid time off.

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The partnership launches November 18, 2020, and will roll out during Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

The two forward-thinking companies identified an opportunity to help GRPAA advisors and clients reimagine what employees can do with their paid time off—generating tremendous value for employers across the US.

“It was a no-brainer,” said Ulises I. Orozco, Co-Founder of PTO Genius. “From day one, both sides wanted to ensure we generated meaningful value for our clients. We’re very excited about helping GRPAA offer a fresh take on PTO.”

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GRPAA Managing Partner, Amy Glynn says, “In these unprecedented times, and with this prolonged pandemic entering 2021, financial stress is only going to continue to worsen and employees are going to be looking for more creative ways to access cash to get by. We are proud to have identified another powerful innovation and partnership for our community to leverage.”

For PTO Genius, the partnership offers opportunities to help GRPAA member firms promote the PTO platform to more than 35,000 companies and help over 5.6 million participants.

“In the New Normal, employees are hesitant to take advantage of their PTO more than ever,” said Adam P. Gordon, Co-Founder of PTO Genius. “It’s leading to burnout, lower productivity, greater job dissatisfaction, and increased payroll liability, to name just a few. Our AI works with a company’s current HR software to quantify the true impact of PTO and actively encourage employees to use the benefit in new and innovative ways.”

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