EmployStream Launches New Products to Improve Credentialing and Compliance Experience for Healthcare Staffing Firms

EmployStream, the staffing industry’s premier onboarding and credentialing platform, announced two major enhancements to its product offering built specifically for the healthcare staffing firms: Mobile Skills Checklists and Compliance Automation. Designed to speed up and simplify the credential process for candidates and compliance teams, the updates join an already extensive list of healthcare-specific products and features designed to engage today’s mobile workforce.

Mobile Skills Checklists

Designed for candidates and employees on the go, EmployStream’s mobile-first interface now includes a skills checklist dashboard for candidates to easily complete, update, and manage skills checklists from any device. The enhancement also includes a user-friendly builder on the backend so staffing firms can easily leverage their existing JCC checklists. “When we launched mobile-responsive credentialing workflows last year at the SIA Healthcare Summit, we knew it was going to be a game-changer, and it has been. But we also knew we wanted to go back and continue to tackle the more granular challenges clinicians and credentialing specialists have during the qualification process,” said Dustin Brewer, VP of Product at EmployStream. “If you ask any clinician what one of the biggest pains in the process is, they’ll gladly tell you filling out Skills Checklists. We knew if we really wanted to solve the problem, we had to start with what the best experience would look like and work backward from there.”

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Compliance Automation

Designed to work with ATS systems and facility-level requirements, EmployStream has also launched Compliance Automation functionality designed to reduce repetitive workflows and tasks related to re-credentialing existing employees. “Credentialing should not take as long as it does the second and third time around when it comes to new assignments or even extensions,” said Andre Mileti, Head of Sales at EmployStream. “We are in a position to dramatically reduce the time credentialing teams have to invest in the re-hire process,” he added. Compliance Automation works hand-in-hand with the ATS and facility checklists. Via EmployStream APIs, the platform will read facility-level requirements, and determine if new documents are required, or if updates to existing credentials need to be made without the need for manual checking.

EmployStream will be demonstrating this functionality along with its entire Healthcare Edition at the 2019 Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Healthcare Staffing Summit in November.

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