Dynabook to Showcase New AR Software During AWE 2019

Now Delivering Task Flow Capabilities Designed to Improve Efficiency, Quality & Operating Flexibility

Dynabook Americas, Inc.  announced the availability of Vision DE Suite 3.0 with Task Flow capabilities. This new feature includes hands-free task flow, task flow creation, task flow assignment and task flow reporting all designed to improve efficiency, quality and operating flexibility for enterprise customers. The addition of Task Flow capabilities to the Dynabook AR software reinforces the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses as the premiere Windows-based, enterprise-grade AR solution on the market.

“The addition of Task Flow capabilities demonstrates our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs in the wearable enterprise marketplace.”

Dynabook plans to demonstrate Vision DE Suite 3.0 on its award-winning AR smart glasses at AWE 2019 this week in Santa Clara, Calif.

“We continue to add important features to our Vision DE Suite to create a complete AR Solution designed to improve efficiencies for enterprises with frontline and field workers,” said Phillip Osako, vice president, marketing and engineering, Dynabook Americas, Inc. “The addition of Task Flow capabilities demonstrates our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs in the wearable enterprise marketplace.”

Vision DE Suite 3.0 is a software engine designed to maximize the functionality of the Dynabook innovative AR solution called dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses. These smart glasses are a completely wearable AR solution and combine the power of a Windows 10 Pro PC with the robust feature set of industrial-grade smart glasses. Designed for enterprise customers, Dynabook’s dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses packages together the company’s dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD) with its dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC for a completely wearable PC system maximizing mobility, productivity and security without compromising flexibility.

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Dynabook engineered the task flow with hands-free task flow, task flow creation, task flow assignment and task flow reporting capabilities. These features are intuitive, easy-to-use and ideal for industries requiring hands-free, step-by-step instructions, such as maintenance instructions, manufacturing standard operating procedures and training. To develop task flows, the Vision DE Suite 3.0 task flow creator is a simple, drag-and-drop application that allows task flow designers to easily incorporate audio, video, photo and PDFs to create highly detailed instructions and training materials.

Vision DE Suite 3.0 offers fast and easy navigation by grouping device functions into three color-coded menu categories: Communications, File Viewer and Tools. From these three menus users can take photos, record and stream live video, retrieve reference materials, access diagrams and receive text messages. This easy-to-use approach to navigating a robust solution elevates productivity and improves efficiency. In addition, the software suite includes the Dynabook Mobile Management Console which offers IT managers and organizations advanced synchronization and centralized device management capabilities. Vision DE Suite delivers the productivity and efficiency critical to enterprises.

Vision DE Suite 3.0 also delivers the following features Live Video Collaboration Call, Photo Capture, Video Capture, PDF, Photo and Video Viewer, Real-Time File Synchronization, Remote Management Console, Flexible Navigation/Control, Voice Commands and Real-Time Alerts. Dynabook will offer a version of Vision DE Suite 3.0 without Task Flow capabilities.

Live Video Collaboration Call

This advanced two-way communications feature allows the wearer to live stream1 their work with the helpful eyes of a remote expert or supervisor watching and available to provide real-time advice or instructions to ensure a job is completed properly. Photos can also be sent with annotations during the live stream to assist with the task.

Photo Capture

This feature allows users to activate and control the high-resolution camera on the head mounted display to capture and store photos on the device or the network with ease. This capability is essential for any diagnostics, quality assurance or archival purposes.

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Video Capture

Use the video option to easily record and store high-quality video from the point-of-view (POV) of the worker wearing the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses to create a unique perspective for training purposes as well as situational assessments.

PDF, Photo and Video Viewer

This feature allows users to find, open and view manuals, diagrams or videos stored on the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses solution. With this information readily available and hands-free via the HMD eliminates the need for paper-based resources to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Real-Time File Synchronization

A component of Vision DE Suite 3.0, the Dynabook Mobile Management Console provides two-way sync capabilities for organizations. From a centralized location, an IT professional can push work-related data to the entire team or specific users. Frontline workers can also upload data captured in the field to a centralized location.

Remote Management Console

Vision DE Suite 3.0 can manage multiple users and dynaEdge devices via the Dynabook Mobile Management console. Administrators can create and manage individual profiles, monitor asset location and usage to ensure improved productivity, labor efficiency and operational flexibility.

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Flexible Navigation/Control

Users can also navigate the Vision DE Suite 3.0 interface in a variety of methods, including a touchpad and programmable buttons on the head mounted display (HMD) or directional buttons on the waist-mounted dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC.

Voice Commands

Allows users the ability to navigate menus, take photos and record video with simple voice commands. This feature improves a user’s speed to perform tasks while keeping their hands free to focus on the job.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive important task-related and emergency alerts via Messages1 in the Head Mounted Display.

Dynabook’s AR solution provides Document Viewing, Live Video Calls, See-What-I-See, Photo/Video Capture, Alerts/Messaging, Workflow Instruction and Barcode Scanning capabilities making it ideal for a variety of use cases, including Maintenance, Remote Expert, Manufacturing, QA Inspection & Audit, Logistics, Training and Knowledge Transfer.

dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses is the first completely wearable AR solution to combine the power of a Windows 10 Pro PC with the performance-based feature set of industrial-grade smart glasses. This AR solution includes the dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC, dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD), Lens-Less Frame, USB-C™ Cable with Cable Clip and carrying case. The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses have a starting price point of $1,899.99.

Dynabook developed its dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses solutions to meet the performance demands of enterprise workplaces through the adoption of 6th Generation Intel® Core™ M Processors, Intel® HD Graphics and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 802.11ac Wi-Fi®. These technologies allow enterprises to integrate the Dynabook AR solution into their existing infrastructure.

For customers or application developers looking to design specialized software for the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses, the company offers Developer’s Kits. These kits are available in two different configurations – Basic and Performance to best meet a variety of industrial applications with pricing starting at $2,399.99.

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