Both Employees and Employers Can Benefit From Travel Loyalty Programs

The experts at ViewFrom36k share how travel supplier loyalty programs are a win-win for all

While it’s easy to enroll and typically free, a surprising number of business travelers don’t sign up for loyalty programs offered by travel suppliers. In an article entitled “Why Use Loyalty Programs,” the experts at ViewFrom36k explain why companies may want to encourage their employees to do so.

“It’s unfortunate that some employees are not reaping the benefits derived from signing up for loyalty programs,” said Gabe Rizzi, president of Travel Leaders Corporate, a division of Travel Leaders Group, the organization behind ViewFrom36k.  “There are many perks to be derived from these programs, some of which are offered simply for signing up. At the same time, companies who enroll in corporate rewards programs with travel suppliers may score some cost savings.”

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The Benefits

For employees, benefits can range from complimentary in-room WiFi, bottled water and special check-in lanes to access to airline and hotel lounges, priority boarding status, and seat or room upgrades.

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For employers, many corporate rewards programs are geared to small and medium-sized businesses. While employees earn points and enjoy the perks of membership, employers can also earn points based on their employees’ travel volume – points that can help offset travel costs. A good travel management company will even manage corporate rewards programs on a company’s behalf.

“Of course, one of the easiest ways to rack up points is to consistently book with the same airlines, hotels and car rental companies,” said Rizzi. “As employees concentrate spend among specific suppliers to earn points, it also gives companies more bargaining power to negotiate with travel suppliers at contract renewal time.”

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