AV Integration Expert, IVCi, Discusses the Steps Needed to Effectively Implement Audio Visual Technology Into Your Workspace

Implementing Audio Visual (AV) technology into your workplace is a smart long-term investment, as it will reduce costs and modernize the way your company conducts business. However, how effectively you implement a change like this will determine how well it’s received and adopted by employees. AV integration expert, IVCi, discusses the steps needed to effectively implement AV technology into your workspace.

Rank your priorities. Instead of throwing a bunch of new tools and procedures at your employees at once, roll them out in succession based on what is the top priority. This will help prevent users from getting overwhelmed and rejecting the changes. Select where technology implementation can foster the MOST change and have the GREATEST impact and start there.

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Offer support. You cannot expect all employees to become experts in a new technology overnight. Offer as much training and support as possible to ease the transition. It might be helpful to create a resource library with pre-recorded webinars and training videos that can walk people through specific tasks in case they need reminding after initial training.

Don’t forget the “why.” Employees will be more likely to embrace AV technology when they truly understand the value of it. Help them understand the importance of why you want to implement this technology, rather than just telling them that it’s being done. Give everyone the opportunity to take personal ownership of the positive impact they are making within the company by utilizing the new technology.

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Ask for feedback and adjust as you go. Implementing AV technology should be a team effort. Take the time to ask for feedback every step of the way to see what your employees need help with and what features they like best. That way, you can adjust your implementation process and your standard operating procedures as you go, ensuring the most effective use of resources and keeping employees happy.

When implementing new technology in your workspace, especially new AV equipment, be sure to follow these guidelines for a successful transition. It is also always helpful to seek guidance from an experienced partner who can help you identify, deploy, and manage the ideal technology mix.

HR Technology News: Less Than 50% Of Federal Employees Would Stay With Their Organization If Offered Another Comparable Job


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