Launches an AI-Powered Bot for Slack That Connects Employees with the Company’s Knowledge in an Intuitive Conversational Way, a Deep Learning NLP startup that makes AI assistants for business, announces today the launch of Alterra Answer Bot for Slack, a new Slack bot that transforms the way employees access information at work.

With the introduction of Alterra Answer Bot for Slack, people will be able to access their corporate knowledge base or wiki right in Slack, in a very intuitive way. They can just ask the bot any question, in plain English, as if they are asking a teammate.

What sets Alterra apart is its ability to understand natural language. While people may ask the same things in many different ways, the bot can match similar questions to the same intent and find the right answers according to meaning rather than keywords. With up to 90% precision, it is the most accurate answer bot on the market.

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The new Slack bot promises to boost a team’s productivity and improve employee experience in the workplace. The bot reduces the time employees have to spend searching for information in databases or asking around. In addition, it helps those who have to answer the same questions over and over again. Specifically, it comes in handy for employees in HR and IT departments who receive many repetitive questions from people inside their organizations.

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“These days, people struggle with too many messages, too many emails, and too many meetings. With the new Slack bot, we want to help Slack teams to minimize the number of workplace distractions by automating answers to repetitive questions. Fewer redundant questions in your Slack workspace means better focus and less wasted time for the entire team,” – said Sergei Burkov, Ph.D., Founder and CEO.

Alterra’s technology empowers business users to create intelligent assistants without coding. Any employee can create an AI-powered answer bot for Slack by simply linking knowledge documents like wikis, employee handbooks, how-to guides, or FAQs to Alterra. The bot learns from these documents and delivers the right knowledge whenever asked.

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