Claro Workforce Analytics Releases New Talent Market Visualization Platform To Help Companies Improve Employee Retention And Hire Diverse Talent Faster

Unique workforce analytics technology company, which helps organizations leverage talent market insights to attract and retain top talent, announces the availability of a new talent market data visualization toolkit to help companies accelerate strategic talent decisions

Claro Workforce Analytics, a platform of unique talent market insights that helps organizations improve employee retention and hire diverse talent faster, announces the immediate availability of a new talent market data visualization toolkit, which aims to help companies accelerate strategic decisions about talent. Claro’s innovative data visualization platform helps organizations to perform competitive talent benchmarking and market-mapping, analyze talent supply insights and availability, conduct employee flight risk assessment, enables data-driven workforce planning, and enhances both diversity and veteran recruitment strategies.

Claro launches new toolkit to help companies convey talent analytics using visual data storytelling techniques.

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has already been well-established but now, the pervasiveness of Big Data coupled with innovative data collection and interaction techniques is giving rise to a new discipline called Human Data Interaction (HDI). This is predicted to be a field with major new opportunities for decades to come, which can help elevate Human Resources and Recruitment strategies, and Claro is paving the way by offering new technology that helps organizations visually interact with talent market information.

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The Internet and Social Media continue to change the way that people communicate and think about their careers. From talent acquisition to employee engagement, this shifting paradigm has paved the way for actionable, data-driven workforce insights to be propelled to the forefront of all Human Resources strategy. Recent research also validates this trend; according to Transparency Market Research, the Workforce Analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR 10.8% and reach $2.4 billion by 2026.

“The BBC has been working on a Human Data Interaction project since 2017, and MIT is a sponsor of The Human Data Interaction Project with 25 repositories on Github receiving daily updates,” said Michael Beygelman, Claro CEO. Beygelman continued, “The natural evolution of HDI is visual data storytelling, and Claro is at the forefront of ushering this new paradigm into the fields of Human Resources and Recruitment in order to help organizations extract measurable ROI from a sea of disparate yet publicly accessible talent data, and to convey talent analytics using visual data storytelling techniques.”

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Google trends shows significant increase in the interest of visual data storytelling over the last 5 years, outpacing HDI interest by nearly 300% in 2019. Claro now offers technology to Human Resources and Recruitment professionals to enable this emerging new business methodology.

Claro is offering a one-time public “Sneak Peek” of its talent market visualization technology platform at a webinar scheduled for June 27, 2019 14:00 EDT.

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