Akumina and BA Insight Partner to Deliver Transformative AI-Driven Search to the Global Enterprise Workforce

Akumina, the employee experience platform (EXP) powering personalized digital employee experiences, announced a strategic alliance with BA Insight, an innovator in AI-driven search. This partnership will allow Akumina to take the next step in offering advanced enterprise search as integrated option within the Akumina EXP. Accessible directly within the Akumina platform, this advanced search capability can encompass all line-of-business applications and third-party data sources, providing users with a modern and consumer-like enterprise search experience while improving the findability of critical information.

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According to McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours every day – more than one full business day per week – searching and gathering information they need to perform their jobs. The inability to locate the right information at the right time is a top contributor to employee frustration and a drain on workplace productivity. Even best-in-breed business productivity solutions cannot search across the enormous amount of disparate data sources created by all business applications deployed within an enterprise’s on-premise and cloud environments.

BA Insight’s powerful AI-driven search software, integrated with the Akumina EXP, allows businesses to go beyond what popular digital workplace solutions’ embedded search capability can deliver. Together, they help employees find specific information quickly and efficiently, regardless of where the information resides. With these search capabilities, Akumina EXP users around the globe can access endless sources of data and intelligence across an enterprises’ technology ecosystem through a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ search experience.

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“The inability to find critical information is a consistent problem that plagues employees all over the globe,” said David Maffei, President and Co-Founder, Akumina. “We partnered with BA Insight because of how well its solution maps to Akumina’s view of the modern digital workplace – where empowering people with the right data, at the right time – on any device and in any language is the bedrock of a more efficient and productive workforce.”

BA Insight now offers all Akumina users the ability to connect machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to power cognitive search solutions across multiple search platforms, including Azure Search, Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud, and SharePoint Search/O365. Additionally, Akumina now offers BA Insight customers an employee experience platform (EXP) that powers personalized digital employee experiences for medium and large enterprises across all verticals.

“Akumina is the world’s leading employee experience platform and this partnership creates a singular unified search experience across all work environments,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO, BA Insight. “Through this partnership, we are committed to significantly increasing employee engagement and productivity by helping today’s knowledge workers find relevant and personalized content to perform high-value work.”

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