PowerSchool Announces New Simplified HRMS for K-12 Education

PowerSchool Unified Talent Human Resources Management System provides a single point of access to help free up HR time to support, hire, and retain teachers and support students.

Today at the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) Annual Conference, PowerSchool announced the new Unified Talent Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to simplify and centralize HR management for schools and districts. At a time when HR staff are stretched trying to recruit new teachers, while also retaining and supporting their existing staff, HRMS helps free up valuable time while also tracking and managing key tasks including pay, recruiting, onboarding, evaluating, and developing great teachers.

“Educators tell us they are overwhelmed by accessing multiple systems and constantly searching for the right data, making it difficult to track progress and quickly assess next steps,” said PowerSchool Chief Product Officer Marcy Daniel. “With PowerSchool Human Resources Management System, HR managers can save valuable time and energy so they can focus on what really matters – supporting and retaining teachers and improving student outcomes.”

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An HRMS Built On Educator Feedback

Built for grades K-12, the solution brings together best-in-class K-12 talent, HR, and finance solutions for busy and changing workforces. With almost 50% of HR tasks requiring duplicate data entry, PowerSchool built this solution based on educator feedback to simplify their work and provide HR managers an easy-to-use solution that will save them valuable time by being able to click directly into the information they need from one single dashboard, without having to log into several different systems and platforms.

“We’ve never had an HR management solution that provides such a complete view across key functions. Being able to track progress and manage trends while syncing systems together as a one-stop-shop could be a game changer for districts,” said Elizabeth Cooper, Director of Human Resources at Springfield Public Schools R-12 in Missouri. “This is data that districts could frequently utilize to better support faculty and staff, particularly as we look for ways to increase efficiencies and avoid having to dive into different platforms and systems.”

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PowerSchool HRMS offers a simplified, efficient solution that meets the needs of K-12 HR managers by:

  • Centralizing data and access across all key HR systems including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, substitute management, teacher evaluations and professional development, pay and benefits by providing a single view of information, and aggregating important data in a simple dashboard view.
  • Helping to easily prioritize time by focusing on the most important things, such as following up on a role that’s been slow to fill, an employee that hasn’t completed their onboarding checklist, or staff that needs to complete additional training.
  • Providing one-click access so managers can spend less time on day-to-day HR tasks and avoid having to log into separate systems to track progress on teacher applications, evaluations and performance, and more time supporting their district, teachers and students.
  • Speeding up HR processes by tracking the progress and trends of recruiting, hiring, educator evaluations and professional development, and seeing the status of key metrics including certifications that could be expiring, contract status, leave balances, equal employment opportunity categories, and more in order to make informed decisions tied to their district’s strategic initiatives.

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