New Research Reveals Chatbots and Conversational AI are an Absolute Necessity to Drive Successful Talent Engagement

51% of respondents credit implementation of chatbots with significantly improving candidate satisfaction – reveals research from Sense and Talent Board.

Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions for enterprise recruiting, uncovers the role and impact that Conversational AI and chatbots have in ’s competitive recruiting landscape. The research was conducted in collaboration with Talent Board, the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience.

To better understand how talent acquisition teams are coping with the pressures of attracting and communicating with qualified candidates, Sense and Talent Board surveyed over 350 HR and talent acquisition leaders across industries. The resulting data uncovered that the number one challenge for recruiting teams today was connecting and engaging with passive talent (42%) and that the most successful method in contacting and communicating with candidates was via chatbots and Conversational AI (36%). As corporations throughout the U.S. continue to experience critical labor shortages, impactful engagement and communications is the key to driving meaningful candidate experiences – and to accelerate hiring.

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Additional findings from the Sense and Talent Board Research Report, “How Chatbots and Conversational AI Improve Talent Engagement and the Candidate Experience” include:

Making the Case for Chabot Implementation

The top three reasons corporations have implemented chatbot technology are to:

  • Improve the responsiveness of their candidate communications (61%)
  • Free up recruiters’ time and enhance their productivity (54%)
  • Enhance the overall quality of the candidate experience (45%)

Measuring Successful Communication and Engagement Benefits of Chatbots

  • 51% of respondents cite a “significant improvement” in candidate satisfaction as a direct result of implementing their chatbots;
  • 49% say their chatbots have enhanced the overall quality of their company’s candidate experience;
  • 35% say chatbots have freed up recruiters’ time and enhanced their productivity.

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“Enterprise leaders must understand that quick and intuitive candidate engagement is essential to finding, attracting and hiring qualified candidates,” explained Anil Dharni, CEO and Co-Founder of Sense. “In fact, 51% of talent acquisition leaders say their use of chatbots improved the responsiveness of their candidate communications. To remain competitive, talent acquisition teams must activate cutting edge technologies like Conversational AI and Chatbots to significantly improve the communication flow and attract high quality candidates.”

Chatbots are engineered to enhance a talent acquisition team’s responsiveness and to make this communication feel more natural and personal. When used in the early stages of talent attraction and engagement, chatbots also free up talent acquisition team’s time to attend to time sensitive recruiting matters.

Additional benefits of implementing conversational AI chatbots reported include:

  • 29% — Accelerating the overall hiring process
  • 27% — Helping candidates better identify their open job preferences
  • 26% — Automating the interview scheduling
  • 24% — Helping candidates submit their job applications easier
  • 21% — Providing candidates updates about their application throughout various stages of the recruiting process

“Timely and consistent candidate communication is always a critical competitive differentiator in recruiting and hiring,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent board President. “For companies with any hiring volume, smart automation with conversational AI chatbots can help scale candidate engagement from pre-application to onboarding. And each year in our benchmark research we find that candidate sentiment is much more positive when they get questions answered in a timely manner – over 50% more positive.”

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