Cross-Functional Talent Review is Crucial to Navigating Hiring and Retention Challenges, Says HR Firm McLean & Company

Amidst an increasingly competitive labor market, McLean & Company, the trusted partner of HR leaders around the world, has released its latest data-backed resource, Talent Review Guide, to assist leaders in creating a future-focused plan of action. This guide is intended to help examine the health of organizational talent pipelines and determine the action required to prepare for future talent needs.

With current talent acquisition and retention challenges comes a great loss of institutional knowledge as employees depart organizations. These employees have company-specific expertise, and their departures result in critical organizational talent gaps. According to McLean & Company, in order to address these obstacles, companies must create leadership accountability, understand both talent strengths and needs at the organization level, and make talent-related decisions based on objective and inclusive criteria.

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“An inclusive talent review incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) during each stage,” says Laura Ribadeneira, director of advisory services at McLean & Company. “People are predisposed to applying biases when making talent decisions, so it’s important for decision makers to be educated and equipped with the tools they need to avoid falling into that trap.”

While some employee data can be sensitive and challenging to collect, the issue with employee assessment data is that it is often tracked inconsistently and without employee input. This can lead to talent decisions being made in departmental silos with a narrow view and obscure, murky communication about talent review, causing anxiety and confusion for employees. At a time when the employee experience is of utmost importance, this can spell out potentially disastrous outcomes for organizations that do not implement a structured and intentional talent review process.

“Relying solely on departments to evaluate and make talent decisions can mean talent gaps go undiscovered and unaddressed,” says Ribadeneira. “To prevent this, it’s crucial for organizations to equip HR with the tools, data, and accountability to drive critical dialogue and decisions throughout the talent review process. This strengthens internal talent pipelines and defines next steps.”

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The Talent Review Guide from McLean & Company provides a step-by-step process to aid leaders in structuring and facilitating talent review meetings to arrive to decisive outcomes, taking the guesswork and uncertainty out of the talent review process.

To support people leaders in their efforts to employ an inclusive and intentional approach when gathering and measuring personal employee traits, McLean & Company offers practical resources as well as various levels of support designed to meet organizations’ unique HR needs, including DIY toolkits, guided implementations, workshops, and consulting.

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