One-Quarter of Full-Time Workers Would Prefer Fewer Meetings over a 10% Raise, According to Xembly Survey

U.S. workers spend 31 percent of their time in meetings, and only about half are productive, according to a survey of more than 1,000 office workers conducted by Xembly, the first intelligent automation tool for meetings, which is launching in beta this week.

Workers say too many unproductive meetings cause burnout (35 percent) and another 38 percent say under-optimized meetings cause them to sacrifice personal time to get their work done. Twenty-two percent of workers would rather they never have to attend another unnecessary meeting than receive a 10 percent raise. That’s even higher for people who spend more time in meetings. Of those who spend more than three-quarters of their work week in meetings, 29 percent would rather cut down on unnecessary meetings than get a 10 percent raise.

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Xembly is software that helps workers reclaim time and improve the impact of meetings by applying AI to automate mundane meeting tasks, decisions and actions across the meeting lifecycle. The software nudges users into better meeting hygiene and habits, surfaces data-driven insights to improve meetings, and automatically executes tasks on their behalf. The company is in a new category of software called Synchronous Collaboration Management (SCM), which is designed to manage the full lifecycle of synchronous collaboration.

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“Meetings aren’t just broken—they’re dangerous,” said Founder and CEO Pete Christothoulou. “Unproductive meetings are not only a serious performance drag, they are employee engagement and mental health daggers. Show me a company who hasn’t improved their meeting culture and I’ll show you employees who are likely job hunting. As we enter a new, post-pandemic normal, people have a real opportunity to reset their approach to the workday — and to use technology to create one that is better optimized for productivity and happiness.”

“I’ve been impressed by the immediate value Xembly brings to meeting efficiency,” said Matt Booth, president of Urgently, and Xembly beta user. “From agenda planning to feedback loops, Xembly has enabled me to increase productivity and allocate more time to strategic activities, while also contributing to better work-life balance.”

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