RAYL Innovations Announces the Completed Build-out of RAYL.Apptive Super-App

RAYL Innovations Inc. is pleased to announce that, following extensive development and exhaustive testing; with teams spanning three continents, including North America, Europe and Asia; the Company has completed the build-out of RAYL.Apptive. The super app delivered via the cloud, as software as a service, includes 14 interoperable business productivity modules to improve the functionality of small and medium sized business.

RAYL.Apptive includes:

1. Discuss – instant message and e-mail functions
2. CRM (Calendar)
3. CRM (Contacts)
4. Sales,
5. Website
6. Purchase
7. Inventory
8. Invoicing
9. Project
10. Surveys
11. HR (Employees)
12. HR (Time-Off)
13. HR (Expenses)
14. Maintenance.

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This now completes the full commercial launch of RAYL.Apptive, allowing customers access to an integrated and interoperable portal containing all of the everyday applications, for CAD$19.95 per month per company for up to 10 seats (including an initial data storage quota).

Nicholas Jeffery, the CEO, commented, “I’m extremely proud of the entire team for delivering on our vision with the commercial launch of RAYL.Apptive. The ecosystem is built by business owners for business owners, offering a single-source solution that replaces the dozens of SaaS products that individuals and businesses pay for monthly and annually. We have a game-changing solution that not only can save businesses thousands of dollars each year but provides a full suite of tools for an SME to run its business.”

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RAYL.Apptive SaaS Solution:

RAYL.Apptive is a cloud-based, software as a service, with client data hosted in Canada. The expanding suite of application modules delivered through a secure application portal help businesses of all sizes save time, money and free up valuable resources.

RAYL.Apptive has been designed to help meet an organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, resiliency, and user productivity. All for a single monthly fee per company.

A unique feature of RAYL.Apptive is that all the individual modules are interoperable and accessed via a single login, with a common backend dataset allowing access to one profile across all applications such as customer, vendor and employee profiles. As a result, anything created in one application can be dragged and dropped into a complementary data set, for example, from product inventory, pricing tools to pop-up shops and onto the final invoice.

Mr. Jeffery additionally commented: “RAYL.Apptive is designed to integrate seamlessly with our near-term plans for RAYL.Pay, our fully developed merchant payment platform, and RAYL.Financial, our digital financial services platform currently in process.

“The roll-out of our suite of services is perfectly timed, now more than ever, when businesses need innovative productivity enhancements and overhead reduction, as they focus on post-COVID bounce back.”

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