The Verified Resume Helps Employers Hire with Confidence

Job seekers can also used The Verified Resume to stand out among other job candidates

Statistics published by indicate that 40% of job seekers lie on their resumes, a trend that employers need to be more aware of than ever. The team at The Verified Resume recognizes this concern and has created a seamless online platform where employers can bring their resume information and have it verified. This platform also allows job seekers to submit their resumes for verification before they apply for their next position.

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According to Business News Daily, the cost of hiring the wrong employee can range from $17,000 to more than $200,000. The time that goes into conducting interviews is a monumental use of resources, and that’s not where the costs of interviews end. Conducting background checks tend to tell employers some things about their prospective hires, but these background checks typically don’t verify a candidate’s job history or other details that might be listed on their resumes.

That’s where The Verified Resume comes in. When employers upload a resume to The Verified Resume, their team of experts gets to work. Their job is to conduct an investigation of the candidate’s resume that includes verifying education, credentials, and work history. Their professional team verifies personal and professional references, as well, but they do want to remind employers that traditional criminal background checks should still be conducted. The Verified Resume’s services are an excellent additions to the toolbox of any human resources professional, hiring manager, or entrepreneur. Whether making a first hire or the hundredth hire, The Verified Resume provides companies of all sizes with an unbeatable peace of mind when it comes to hiring the right candidate the first time.

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Not only is The Verified Resume a powerful tool for employers, but it can also be used by job seekers to help them stand out among job applicants. Anyone with a resume can request to have their background and credentials authenticated by The Verified Resume. When a job applicant submits a resume that’s already verified, they can show prospective employers that they are honest and willing to take initiative.

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