Cisive, a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions, announced the release of Cisive Insights: Talent Screening Trends 2021 Benchmark Report. The report is based on the findings of Cisive’s Insights Benchmarking survey, with more than 1,500 human resources, talent acquisition, compliance, and recruitment professionals worldwide contributing to the survey with their insights, providing a global view of the talent screening landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the key takeaways, the survey found that:

  • Undisclosed criminal convictions (36%) and directorship conflicts of interest (30%) were the two most common discrepancies uncovered from background screening by businesses.
  • 55% of organizations introduced new background checks in 2020, while 31% implemented an ongoing monitoring program for employees.
  • 37% of companies worldwide stopped hiring for more than three months, while 34% continued recruitment as expected during 2020.

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The report reveals that despite the unpredictability of the pandemic, most organizations continued their talent acquisition efforts at normal levels while some even increased recruitment efforts during 2020. As employers embrace remote work in the evolving workplace, most companies introduced new background screening components during unprecedented times.

The report’s findings also articulate how screening practices are evolving. For example, most of the background checks introduced in 2020 consisted of ongoing monitoring (31%), and most businesses conduct screenings on employees every two years (40%) while only (35%) do so at time of hire only.

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“Cisive’s 2021 Talent Screening Benchmark report reflects the insights of more 1,500 organizations worldwide across all industries and how their policies and procedures changed as a result of the global pandemic,” said James Owens, President and CEO at Cisive. “Our study investigates how company workforce practices, including how they handle background checks and screenings, have changed during an unprecedented year such as 2020. With the increasing prevalence of remote and hybrid workplaces, it is more important than ever to have a global strategy when it comes to talent acquisition and background screening. As businesses adapt to the new normal, our results indicate that most organizations are incorporating new background checks into their strategy.”