Will AI, Robotics and Analytics Be the Future of HR and HR Tech?

In recent years, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, robotics and analytics have had a profound effect on HR processes and practices.

To discuss how technology and new innovations have influenced the field of HR, we recently welcomed Dinesh Sheth, Founder and CEO of Green Circle Life – an innovative, comprehensive communication and engagement platform to share a little about his entrepreneurial journey while discussing his thoughts on how HR Technology is set to redefine workplace management and cultures.

Talking about the constant evolution in this industry, Joseph Quan, CEO At Twine Labs, asks company’s to Invest in analytics and put people first” as he discusses how digital marketing tools that impacted marketing roles and changed the shape of the typical marketer is a trend that has now shifted to HR, given how the innovations in HR Tech are now transforming the role of the typical HR leader.

A wealth of HR technology tools has entered the market to help companies retain talent, enhance workplace culture and invest in their people. This has put more data in the hands of HR leaders than ever before. The companies and HR leaders that thrive over the next 5-10 years will be the ones that most effectively analyze and act on this people data.

As for automation and AI, anything that can help reduce the amount of time HR professionals spend on administrative tasks is critical if organizations wish to remain competitive in today’s global economy. And so, automation and AI can free up a significant amount of high-volume, low-value tasks, so that HR departments will be able to focus more on strategic planning at an organizational level and driving business impact says Doron Youngerwood, Director of Marketing at SysAid.

Machine-learning algorithms and robotics have been built into many of the recruitment sourcing systems today. Hence it’s time to unlock interesting tips on tech recruitment and hiring!

Steve Black, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Topia, believes that the ability to hire candidates anywhere in the world is the key to addressing any global or local talent shortage. The right HR Tech stack can help enable this.

Automation is most impactful when it eliminates the mundane, but doesn’t eliminate the people.  HR and mobility teams got into the business to help people.  Where technology can automate away those manual tasks and allow the talented teams to get back to focusing on service, that’s a real win-win.

Some companies believe that a low cost per hire” is a goal to optimize towards and, while that metric is important to know and understand, that’s a dangerously off-the-mark goal to look at alone warns Sean Quigley, VP of Product at Symphony Talent.

Sean also envisions the change in the role of a Recruitment Marketer.  The role will look more and more like the marketing profession overall. Marketing clearly impacts a company’s bottom line, but so does recruitment marketing. It’s far from just a cost center, because a company’s talent is central to on-going performance as a company.

Focusing on a strong candidate experience has helped companies like CareerPlug and HR Directors like Natalie Morgan to hire the right talent in an uber-competitive environment.

Natalie shares with us how the unique perspective, creativity, and talent that your team brings is your one true differentiator.  She mentions how at CareerPlug they hire not only smart and capable people, but people who live our core values and bring their authentic, whole selves to work every day.

Final thoughts

HR – The fundamental role of HR is the same in every organisation. Employees prefer more interactive, interpersonal, information-rich approaches to all of the areas of HR management. As an HR executive you’re always going to be the bridge between helping the company meet its goals and advocating for the people who make that happen.

HR Tech – HR teams should actively be searching for ways to leverage HR technology to enhance the work environment and the holistic well-being for their employees.

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