What do you think about these 3 HR and HR Tech Predictions for 2020?

Sophisticated, innovative features across the wide range of HR Tech products and tools that are available today have changed how companies recruit, on-board, manage and organize their professional workforce. Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks and Tom Griffiths, CEO of Hone share their thoughts on what will shape HR and HR Tech in 2020:

What most influences the adoption of HR Technology across global organizations are the changing work dynamics and work cultures being observed among the world’s workforce.

Tom comments, “more companies are adopting remote work options and increased flexibility for employees, so HR technology must adapt to the changing workforce by becoming more accessible and convenient for dispersed teams. On-demand, online platforms will become increasingly relevant and legacy software must adapt to these new use cases.”

Besides this, the need to manage remote teams or collaborate more easily across organizations are some of the other common factors that will drive the need or demand for a specific kind of HR Technology.

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Given the above and the fact that today’s workforce is more diverse, dynamic and fluid than ever before, Doug adds that in 2020, “we will see a major shift in how HR policies reflect their changing workforce with the unique skills and disparate requirements each generation brings to the table.”



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Here are some HR and HR Tech Predictions that leading experts like Doug and Tom think will influence the rest of 2020!

1- Changing Employee Behaviors and Demands

  • One-way Feedback is now Passé

    According to Doug, Employees Will Take Ownership of Their Performance Management Process. One-way feedback from the manager to the employee will soon be a thing of the past. Many employees have strong thoughts on why their goals are (or are not!) being met and HR will have to help companies learn to be receptive to feedback from their employees. Motivating employees to take ownership of their work to meet clear, mutually agreed-upon goals helps create a culture of corporate performance that attracts and retains employees.”

2- Global Workforce will become more Diverse

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  • When it comes to (the very crucial aspect of) Diversity and Inclusion, Tom Griffiths contributes, “Now more than ever companies are seeing the many benefits of workplace diversity. HR technology needs to support an organization’s initiatives around diversity and inclusion in the workplace from more diverse talent acquisition through engagement and retention.”

3- Employee Training Gets a Facelift

  • Reskilling, Upskilling, Training Takes Priority, Soft Skills Will Be Emphasized Over Digital Ones:

    Doug feels, “Soft skills such as influencing, negotiating and creative problem-solving are essential to increase collaboration between teams. What this means for leadership is that they will need to focus not just on what they do, but how they do it. To be truly effective leaders, and help develop the next generation of corporate leadership, managers will need to have these distinct soft skills in their toolbox.”

  • Need for Live Training platforms:

Tom adds, “The days are numbered for training via recorded lectures or blindly clicking through slides. As millennial leaders rise into executive positions they demand more engaging and interactive training experiences. With low-cost live video conferencing platforms more ubiquitous than ever, training and coaching experiences delivered live online captivate learners effective instruction at scale.”

Shaping new Human Resource Management Policies to suit the evolving needs of the global workforce will be key to driving employee engagement and productivity in 2020.

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