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Top Project Management Tools Used By The Best In B2B And Tech

When it comes to critical business activities, until you breakdown core business goals and focus on alignment, it will be hard to achieve real ROI. A business is not run by one individual, there are teams involved. It is enough at times to keep a large team on the same page when they are working from the same office at the same time, the challenges can be two-fold for teams who need to work together sitting in different areas of the world. When team members cannot communicate well to transfer knowledge and information, it is difficult to achieve goals. This is the gap that project management tools try to fill.

Project management tools can help streamline coordination and efforts thereby reducing conflicts and enabling better results.  A few known project management tools:

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a tool that helps organise internal communications, client work and other projects under one roof. There is a reason why Basecamp is so popular among Fortune 500 companies – it features six core tools. A message board, to-dos for tracking work, a Campfire chatroom, a Schedule, Docs & Files for organizing documents and Automatic Check-ins.

  1. Trello

Trello features a simple and interesting visual design. It features a board with a drag and drop feature. Project members across locations can have an accessible overview of the work done on a particular project by verifying details from different boards.

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub was created to present a robust yet simplified project management software to various teams working across the globe, and it did cater to the vision of its developers. This tool is meant for small and medium enterprises. The main features of the tool include task management, workflows and boards, reports, Gantt charts, chat rooms and discussions, file management, time tracking and lots more.

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  1. Zoho Projects

Zoho software has made its mark in the industry with plenty of SaaS tools and offerings and it’s unique project management tool caters to the mission of the company. Featuring a clear and straightforward interface, the tool covers everything from project planning, Gantt charts, collaboration with teams, employees, customers etc. and streamline documentation management.

  1. JIRA

JIRA is another popular project management tool popular among the Fortune 500. If you have a quick, agile and proactive project team, JIRA is the right software for your organization. With the help of this software, your team can conveniently customize scrum boards, utilize the agile reporting function, track bugs, and monitor the exact time spent per task.

  1. Asana

Asana is popular among organizations because of its easy integration with other SaaS tools like Dropbox, Google drive, Mailchimp and so on. Asana helps you organize your tasks perfectly with the help of its dashboard for conversations, projects, and tasks. The most interesting feature of Asana is its ability add customized fields and prioritize the work as per your convenience.

  1. Podio

While talking about the top most project management tools, we cannot miss out on Podio, which is one of the most used online collaboration tools. It is an ever growing project management tool and it is mainly used for communication within and outside the business. Users can easily customise the platform, define the content structure, create reports and submit them.

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  1. Wrike

Wrike helps track your day-to-day progress of a project easily. It is a cloud based project management software that easily integrates the tool with other business tools like Dropbox, MS-Excel, Google Apps.

  1. Voxer

You can call it a simple messaging and voice app, but Voxer showcases some incredible features. Voxer is helpful in streamlining your project by facilitating easy communication. You can talk, chat, share photos of the project progress instantly among the team members in one shot.

  1. Mind Meister

Mind Mesiter is popular for mind mapping. Each team member has his own share of ideas and with Mind Meister, everyone can present their ideas in front of the entire team. The tools lets you capture, develop and share ideas very well. It is a very useful tool for event planning, visualization, meeting notes, brainstorming for distributed teams and so on.

Most companies are working remote today. When your team is working from remote locations, these project management tools come handy and help you streamline various project tasks and critical business communications.