Skills Every HR Professional Needs in 2021

With an increasing need for HR teams to have a more digital friendly process and role, HR leaders and HR personnel now need to adapt to new HR Technologies to enable better management of staff information while also learning how to engage the right (global) candidates for vacancies using the right hiring skills and tech.

HR teams are expected to learn how to be nimble and agile and adjust to today’s hybrid work models. While most of the core skills critical to the functioning of an HR team still remain, a variety of these tasks are now meant to be backed by the right software.

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This puts the onus on HR teams, especially HR leaders, to understand what HR technologies can drive their goals while also upskilling their teams to perform better using those HR Technologies.

In a snapshot, today’s HR personnel across the hierarchy should be adept at:

  • Finding and recruiting global talent within weeks with the support of the right tech and personalization based on time zones, local communication barriers, and more
  • Effectively managing the on-boarding and training of new staff and upskilling of existing staff in tandem with other business leaders in the organization and the right training software
  • Tracking payroll, performance and attendance in centralized systems, adjusted to meet global employee needs (time, work hours, local regulations, etc)
  • Assessing employee performance using the right performance evaluation tools to identify which employees to retain, which have potential to grow and which ones need to perform better

HR technologies allow HR teams to seamlessly implement processes and manage these tasks in a timely manner. But as HR teams of today learn to manage the growing connection between HR tech and their roles as described above, there is also a need for them to hone new skills:

Here’s what can help.

  • Learning how to optimize your HRIS system

Better familiarity with any HR platform or central HRIS system among the HR team can ensure that there are fewer administrative errors with regards to staff input and details. Proper training of HR teams when it comes to management of their HRIS systems will also help optimize how the team stores and files key business and staff information while ensuring there are fewer compliance issues or misinformation to deal with.

  • Unlocking more benefits from Talent Acquisition Systems

HR teams who know how to optimize their talent acquisition process and talent acquisition software with elements like added social media integrations (to post vacancies to multiple job boards and online networks), automated candidate screening and resume parsing, even candidate interview scheduling will be able to screen through more numbers of quality candidates in a shorter timeframe while also reducing their own manual workload.

Adequate training in use of Talent acquisition software can help HR teams reduce time spent in shortlisting candidates, while boosting administrative productivity(skills ).

  • Gamifying HR processes

With a renewed focus on creating better employee experiences, HR leaders now have to plan for better work experiences as well as hiring and onboarding experiences. One of the best ways to do this in 2021 is by capitalizing on the growing popularity of gamification in HR by gamifying a part of the onboarding or training experience, for this, HR teams need to learn how to use gamification tools to help improve learning and development and upskilling / onboarding activities.

  • Implementing proper talent management for larger teams

For smaller teams, HR leaders may not need to spend as much time charting out growth stories and progress paths of staff. For mid to larger sized teams, data driven talent management systems can help set long –term employee goals and growth stories. The right talent management processes and training in talent management software can ensure that HR teams effectively know how to track employee performance despite a remote setting, assessing the right parameters to help identify future prospects.

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HR technologies are changing the way HR needs to function today. This means that HR teams themselves need to upskill at the right time to ensure they are meeting business requirements of today.