HR Tech in Singapore – Part 1

The work from home transition because of the COVID 19 outbreak has increased the demand for seamless HR Tech to help support employee needs and business functions. While the global workforce adjusts to the new normal, the need of the hour for an HR professional is to ensure empathy during this difficult time, look after the mental and physical wellness of existing employees, maintain employee engagement, bridge the gap between the prospective recruiters and job seekers, ensure smooth virtual onboarding, and a lot more. While the state of HR evolves during these times, how is the global HR tech segment shaping up to serve changing needs? In Singapore itself there are over 160 key enablers who are changing the shape of the Singapore HR Tech space.

Here are a few of the top ones:

  • CXA Group

CXA Group is a Singapore based health and wellness platform. The uniqueness of this start-up is that it provides insurance services to the employees instead of the employer. It offers more than a 1000 programs that can be customised as per the employees’ need, allowing them to feel empowered, rather than giving them a fixed plan which may not be relevant to all. This eco system not only promotes the employees’ healthcare management but also enhances their productivity at work by relieving some financial stress.

  • Gnowbe

Gnowbe stands for – Grow Knowledge into Being. Gnowbe is an e-learning platform that offers 11 different action types compared to typical video and text only platforms. They use methods like gamification, behavior design, digital certificates to encourage engagements. Apart from the e-learning features, Gnowbe also acts like a communication tool amongst the employees and offers real time analytics of the employees engagement level, like total amount of time invested in each program, results of the assessment questions asked and more.

  • Teamie

Teamie is a cloud based social platform that encourages collaboration and productivity amongst its users. Teamie allows users to sign up for modules that are created by the company and track their training hours via the platform. Teamie can also be used to post ideas or share announcements. It offers learning features like rewarding participating by giving them points and badges, tracking the learners progress and during a module and giving them an option of downloading a certificate of completion once done. Teamie has made mobile learning for organizations more engaging and accessible.

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  • HReasily

HReasily is a SaaS based model that enables companies to streamline their HR processes like HR, Payroll, Leave Management, Employee Database, Time & Attendance, and Claims Application. HReasily facilitates real time updates on new hires, leaves and all this information is accessible on the go since it’s a cloud based server. The pricing comes in two variants Premium and Enterprise. The live chat support is only available on the Premium option.

  • IoTalents is a Singapore based tech HR start-up that integrates Online Hirers and IT workforce. They build technologies like profiling technologies, algorithmic matching and talent mapping to guarantee a successful match. The company helps jobseekers in identifying their preferences and qualities to match them to jobs. This process also helps the employer as they get the most suitable candidates for their openings. As the recruitment industry is now moving to a digital era, IoTalents launched an app named Jobs007 which works on a referral-based system. Upon successfully getting referred a job through Jobs007, the jobseeker receives a starting bonus while the referrer earns the Bounty.

  • EngageRocket

Founded in 2016, EngageRocket is a cloud based platform that helps organizations enhance their employee experience by using real time data.  The software offers features like employee lifecycle surveys and peer evaluation. EngageRocket provides feedback and analytics to provide insights which help the employers to make seamless decisions.  All this is done with the help of the three solutions they offer – Belong; surveys to track and improve employee engagement, Grow; provides 360 degree feedback and peer evaluations, and Perform; for Continuous performance management.

  • Jobstreet

Jobstreet is one of the leading online employment platforms in Asia. The company helps the job seekers find the right job opportunity and the employers to find the right talent. The services are offered in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  In 2014, Jobstreet was acquired by SEEK Limited, a leading Australian employment marketplace. Jobstreet is known to continuously add capabilities to their products and services to facilitate a better match between job seekers and employers.

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  • Glints

Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform, headquartered in Singapore.  With an aim to bridge the gap between education and employment, Glint helps job seekers to find skill sets that are required in different sectors and match them with jobs, internships, and courses that enable them to discover their passion and make their career more promising. Glint also empowers the employers to attract the right talent.

  • Adaface

Adaface with its conversational AI, Ada, helps companies identify best engineers by automating first-round tech interviews. Ada has the ability to analyse the candidate’s thought process, give hints and ask follow up questions to gauge their skills. Once Ada gauges their skills accurately, it generates a detailed report and notifies the recruiter. The companies get to reduce the screening time by 80% and spend more time with the most qualified candidates for the given role.

  • TalentMind

TalentMind is an HR Technology company and is a part of AnyMind Group.  TalentMind was launched in 2018, it streamlines payroll, employee engagement, and leverages AI to enable the HR to simplify the recruitment process. The software is powered by ML to discover the qualified candidates and make data driven hiring decisions. TalentMind provides the recruitment professionals a varied range of HR services under one platform. The automated screening system helps in understanding a profile and matches it to the organisations hiring preference.