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Enabling the Role of AI in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting

Today’s AI powered HR Technologies offer HR teams the ability to automate all of their everyday tasks. The impact of AI on recruiting processes has led to an evolution in the role of the typical HR leader and executive.

Even while AI has progressed over the years, it is still at a developing stage, so while recruiters empower their teams and processes with AI powered HR technologies, to get the best results out of it, there are a few factors that matter.

It’s not just about automating mundane HR tasks but also enabling better HR decisions

AI powered HR technologies can enhance the productivity of HR teams by allowing them to automate multiple administrative tasks like scheduling interviews or sending bulk emails. But some of the world’s most successful HR teams are those that have employed use of AI backed HR technologies to support key hiring decisions in addition to automating daily HR processes. Sophisticated AI systems can easily help recruiters narrow and nurture their hiring funnel by shortlisting candidates based on specific criteria and skills thereby allowing HR teams to focus more time on developing relationships on a pool of candidates that have already been selected based on required parameters.

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Human intervention is still largely needed

AI powered tools can skim through multiple profiles quickly to give hiring teams a better view of the available talent for particular roles. But when using these HR technologies to shortlist candidates, human intervention is still needed to ensure a balanced D&I hiring process, for instance.

Newer AI powered HR technologies do offer unbiased hiring features, but AI is always learning from observing and biases can easily be put back into systems unknowingly. HR leaders have to know how to create a model that allows for human intervention at the right time in an automated process.

Using saved resources optimally

By automating everyday HR tasks, hiring teams or HR leaders should then know how to invest the resources saved (time, effort) into building or strengthening other core HR processes. Successful HR leaders often use the time to upskill their teams, reengage candidates or build better employee cultures. AI powered technologies can at the end of the day enable the efforts of human resources but the company’s culture, employee engagement activities, ensuring a steady talent pool for every role and regular training of existing employees are some of the things that HR teams need to reinvest plans in, especially with today’s changing employee needs.

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Evaluating the performance of your HR tech

Knowing that human intervention is still needed when automating tasks, even when it comes to enabling hiring decisions, HR leaders need to then evaluate the performance their HR tech. Human intervention will still be needed to add value to these decisions. For instance, HR teams will have to further narrow down best-fit candidates based on conversations they have actually had to find out who will be a right cultural fit. Working closely with the support of AI platforms to shortlist candidates based on their skills, criteria and the latter brings better hiring outcomes from multiple perspectives.

Training your AI at the initial stages of a new HR process

HR leaders who adopt AI powered tools earlier in a new recruitment process will stand to gain more benefits because early adoption in a long talent process or new talent lifecycle will allow the team to train the system and tailor it to suit their own customised data and processes. When hiring data is gathered over time, the AI systems will become more sophisticated in their interactions and tasks and this will help achieve the long term organizational hiring goal.

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