Cloud-based Workforce Management Tools and their Impact Today

Managing a global workforce effectively can be a challenging task, let’s simplify it with the state of the art technology – workforce management tools to the rescue!

Simply put, workforce management tools help organizations plan, manage and track employee work. This includes employee schedules, labor requirements and the paid time off. Besides these, workforce management tools offer a myriad features to optimize your workforce. The best of today’s Fortune 500 companies are using these workforce management tools to forecast labor demands, track attendance, create and assign employee schedules and report on workforce efficiency.

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Workforce management solutions are widely accepted and adopted by organizations globally. Here, we will briefly discuss a few of the top workforce management tools that you should watch out in 2021:

  1. Kronos

A powerful workforce management suite, Kronos is designed to extend a hand to your HR team with regards to labor costs, coping  with compliance and to drive employee engagement. This tech solution also covers the areas of employee scheduling, absence management and time & attendance in real time.

  1. Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software of UltiPro is one of the widely used HCM software, adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. The suite is popular due to its sharp focus on the core HR area. The solution has been in the industry for long and it has evolved well over the years. With the help of feedback and the experience building a product in this area, the software solution has everything to offer – onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, retention, compliance and so on.

  1. NICE

NICE is an AI powered workforce management software to match each organization’s requirements. The solution is so feasible that every employee in your organization can manage their own schedule with the help of a simple mobile interface allowing for more flexibility and dynamism. NICE is growing, now bearing the confidence of more than 2000 companies worldwide.

  1. Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Ceridian Dayforce is one of the most reviewed and top rated HCM software solutions in the industry. It is a cloud based solution and is easy to use. The HR areas covered under its gambit are payroll, benefits, workforce management, talent retention and HR compliance.

  1. Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM is a cloud based HR tech solution: the solution combines plenty of human resource operations starting from the core HR functions, workforce management, talent retention and management, all in this unified platform. This cloud platform offers global scaling coupled with mobile accessibility and several integration options.

  1. SAP Success Factors

Transform your HCM with Sap Success factors and its contemporary capabilities. The human element in the organization is always uncertain and the features of this HR suite will help you deal with those HR contingencies. The gamut of SAP Success Factors is wide and it happily covers everything from employee experience management, core HR and payroll, talent management along with HR analytics and Workforce Planning.

  1. Infor Workforce Management

An all-inclusive workforce management software that manages employee performance analytics along with employee planning accurately; the primary highlights of this HR suite is demand driven optimized employee scheduling, mobile-first workforce management, improved employee communication, real time labor analytics, and complaint time and attendance tracking.

  1. ATOSS

Meeting today’s employee demands become easier with ATOSS workforce management software. The HR suite offers higher productivity, greater flexibility and enhanced job satisfaction. ATOSS is in high demand in the market due to its people focused HR planning and steering. ATOSS is proudly helping its clients to stand the test of time and stay at the edge of the competition.

  1. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce is an all-in one HR tech suite managing the demands of various small and big organizations world wide. It offers everything in a unified HR platform and has more than 70,000 satisfied clients. The main features of this fantastic HR suite is scalability, simple yet powerful reporting tools, easy to install and use, on-demand services according to the size of the organization. ADP Workforce Now will help you with payroll, employee time management, core HR, talent management and employee benefits all under one roof.

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Right from labor forecasting, skills management, succession management, team communication, shift scheduling to time & attendance management, a reliable workforce management tool will manage everything for you.