Noble Introduces Corporate Mental Health Support To Combat Loneliness in The Remote Workplace

Therapist-created app seeks to offer a simple but powerful approach to mental health support and help employers reduce burnout, turnover, and loneliness in remote working environments.

With its network of specialized therapists and research-backed resources, Noble, a connection-based mental health app, announced the launch of a new offering for corporate clients seeking to combat loneliness in the workplace. Faced with ever-evolving mental health challenges, employers can leverage Noble’s vast array of expertise and tools to prioritize employee mental health through an impact-focused approach.

With the increase in virtual or hybrid work, research suggests that loneliness is on the rise. Full-time remote employees are more likely to be lonely (65%) than those who typically work in in-person office environments (58%). Despite living in a world more connected than ever, we are seeing the highest rates of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, leading to employee burnout and high turnover.

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At Noble, we’re focused on equipping employers with the means to cultivate meaningful human connection to reduce burnout, turnover and loneliness, while ultimately ensuring a healthier, happier employee experience,” said Eric Red, co-founder of Noble. “We build outcome-focused, data-driven programs that connect employees with specialized help and human-to-human support.”

Noble’s four-part model combines the best technology with the best mental health professionals to impact outcomes in a lasting, meaningful way.

  • Motivate: A user experience that builds trust, confidence, and motivation to begin healing.
  • Assess: Clinical assessments offer a complete, systematic approach to identifying needs.
  • Connect: Bringing together humans and technology for increased connection and improved outcomes.
  • Support: Safe, skilled, and empathetic mental health professionals offering help to anyone at any time.

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Through Noble, individuals gain access to therapist-created, research-backed Therapy Roadmaps on a variety of topics and one-on-one support from a dedicated mental health professional who will meet them right where they are.

“Employees experiencing feelings of loneliness in the workplace is an ongoing issue in today’s society that only continues to escalate,” said Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT, CSAT-S, EMDR, and co-founder of Noble. “We built Noble because we’re passionate about helping people in every aspect of their daily lives. With Noble, employees gain anytime access to high-quality, empathetic therapy content centered on topics such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and more. They also receive one-on-one support from a dedicated mental health professional who is there to guide and support them in whatever way they need.”

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