EnrollMe by SureCo Partners With UHSM to Revolutionize Health Coverage

  • SureCo’s EnrollMe Platform, Concurrent with Traditional Health Insurance, Gives Employees More Freedom While Saving Employers Time and Money

SureCo, a pioneer and promoter of programs and solutions that lower health care costs and improve the quality of care, recently launched EnrollMe to help businesses provide their employees with better health care benefit options. EnrollMe, the first in the market to offer corporate health sharing, partnered with UHSM, a Christian health care sharing ministry, to revolutionize healthcare coverage by giving employees the freedom to choose health insurance plans and employers the power to make contributions towards employee premiums via an easy-to-use and elegantly designed digital marketplace.

“The partnership between EnrollMe and UHSM will reimagine traditional corporate health insurance”

Through EnrollMe, SureCo will transform health care coverage. This innovative solution allows employers to simplify health care coverage, improving employee engagement, reducing the common COBRA risk and eliminating the ACA reporting hassle, resulting in a cost-effective and time-saving approach unseen thus far in the market. SureCo’s affordable solution mitigates the worry facing many employers and brokers around routine administrative burdens, while providing employees with outstanding coverage from major providers.

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“The partnership between EnrollMe and UHSM will reimagine traditional corporate health insurance,” said Matt Christopherson, CRO and co-founder of SureCo. “As the first in the market to co-offer corporate health insurance plans, EnrollMe empowers employees to freely choose and manage their own health plans by giving them access to greater flexibility and plan portability. Moreover, our new solution will enable employers to not only save time and reduce costs, but also attract and retain skilled workers, which is critical to the success of any small business.”

Much like the shift from pensions to self-directed 401k, EnrollMe by SureCo is the next evolution to self-directed health coverage. Although corporate health sharing is different from traditional group insurance, the overall experience provides similar results. Companies make contributions, but employees will have more choice and personal ownership in their plans. And because employers get to create improved total rewards, the health care process will be more stable and have a more predictable cost model, benefiting everyone involved.