WorkJam Partners with Aware to Give Enterprise Customers Greater Insight into Frontline Employees’ Priorities, Needs and Concerns

Partnership Helps Bridge the Communications Divide Between Corporate Offices and Frontline Workforces

WorkJam, the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, announced that it has partnered with collaboration intelligence platform Aware to provide WorkJam’s enterprise customers with greater insight into their frontline employees’ priorities, behaviors, needs and concerns. The partnership will expand WorkJam’s technology capabilities by combining its communication, task management, learning and shift scheduling tools with Aware’s sentiment analysis and AI capabilities, giving enterprise customers a clearer view of what’s important to their frontline workforces. Aware also offers WorkJam customers the security, governance and compliance controls often needed when rolling out technology to the frontline.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with WorkJam to give their enterprise clients greater visibility into what is top of mind with the frontline

Business managers have traditionally relied on one-way, printed communications ranging from posters and schedules tacked on a bulletin board to notes on a clipboard to share information with frontline employees. Today, it’s critical for companies to digitize communications to keep up with the pace of business and empower their staffs with the tools and freedom they need to communicate with colleagues and leaders across the company. However, as the number of communications channels grows, management and HR teams don’t have the resources or time to identify every important trend and issue that might surface in frontline staffs’ communications across multiple applications.

By partnering with Aware, WorkJam will enable enterprise customers to use natural language processing to run sentiment analyses in order to determine the overall sentiment of messages shared by frontline staff. Management teams will also be able to review dashboards that highlight trending themes and measure employee engagement as well as gain insights from extensive reports that can be used to understand concerns, make improvements and build a stronger workplace culture.

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“Attracting, engaging and retaining frontline workers is more challenging than ever, given the current labor market,” said Rich Halbert, Chief Strategy Officer at WorkJam. “To improve employee happiness and retention, enterprises not only need to provide digital tools that streamline tasks, scheduling and communications, but also truly understand what’s happening within their frontline staffs. By partnering with Aware, we’re able to give our business customers powerful insight into the trends, conversations and overall sentiment that are important to their workforces, so they can quickly address employees’ needs and concerns and reduce risks and turnover.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with WorkJam to give their enterprise clients greater visibility into what is top of mind with the frontline,” said Jeff Schumann, CEO at Aware. “From the break room to the board room, our AI-powered technology helps surface the insights that business leaders need to ensure their frontline workers feel valued, heard and able to provide the kind of excellent customer experiences that lead to long-term business success.”

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