This Filipino Chat-first Career Platform Takes Gamified Hiring to New Levels

Bossjob challenges employers in talent war with P50M prize pool, advancing globalization efforts

Gamification in hiring is picking up pace in the post-COVID era. In a bid to adopt a candidate-centric hiring process, employers are looking at innovative ways. Gamification in hiring is a notable development in the recent years.  Google’s hiring process is a benchmark in the gamified hiring processes. But, now, many organizations are adding gamification to their hiring pipeline, empowering the candidates to prove their skills beyond their usual scope of job description and experience. With talent shortages denting hiring and recruitment efforts across regions, a Filipino HR Tech startup has adopted a gamified approach to streamline hiring experience through its platform. The company is called Bossjob. Bossjob is a chat-first career platform specializing in professional hiring across Southeast Asia (SEA). It is now offering a prize pool of 100,000 USDT, equivalent to over P50 million, to employers through an online event aimed at encouraging them to streamline their hiring processes via the platform, reinforcing Bossjob’s ongoing globalization initiatives.

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The online event, “Big Bonus Hustle,” engages recruiters through a series of tasks, translating their efforts into cash bonuses and other perks.

Participants can win by inviting new companies to Bossjob for a $100 USDT bonus, signing up for bonuses, competing with other recruiters, and doing daily tasks like updating company information or engaging in talent chats. Adding to the thrill, a KPI competition will reward the top 50% on the weekly leaderboard, incentivizing more hires on the platform. Employers could earn more USDT the more talents they hire on the platform.

The event is open to all recruiters in the Philippines and other countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan who qualify after company verification.

The Philippine-born recruitment platform, which recently raised a $5 million seed fund, reached a milestone when it garnered over 2.9 million registered users in the Philippines.

After launching in the Japanese market in July and expanding to Singapore and Indonesia in May, Bossjob plans to venture to Hong Kong in the third quarter of the year and aims to reach over 30 million users in Southeast Asia by 2026. As part of its efforts to expand its global market, it has started offering free services this year.

Bossjob Co-founder and CEO Anthony Garcia sees the event as a mix of competition and the company’s dedication to connecting employers with top talent. It also underscores their goal of attracting new users and bolstering employer retention.

“We believe in the power of fostering connections, and through this initiative, we’re not just rewarding our committed recruiters but also reinforcing our commitment to the region. Through this fun and interactive initiative, we aim to ensure that our partners feel the benefits of associating with Bossjob, not just in the exceptional talents they onboard but also in the tangible rewards we offer,” Garcia said.

Rewards are in Tether tokens, a cryptocurrency tied to traditional currency in major banks. Participants from the Philippines can cash out their earnings via GCash or

Bossjob, which some investors dub the SEA version of China’s BOSS Zhipin and Tianyancha, started in the Philippines in 2018 with its innovative MDD model of “mobile + direct chat + AI-matching,” introducing direct chat into the recruitment scene. With the help of AI technologies and big data, the platform recommends highly suitable and active candidates to employers and relevant job opportunities to job seekers.

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