The Great Culture Transformation: Culture Amp Launches New Product Capabilities to Help Organizations Reimagine Their Employee Experience and Retain Their Best People

Culture Amp data from over one million survey responses reveals that the three key reasons employees are leaving in 2021 are lack of growth and development opportunities, expectation overload as employees feel that they are being asked to do more than ever, and poor role enablement as people do not have the information and tools that they need to be successful. Culture Amp is launching new capabilities to help organizations retain their best employees by reimagining their employee experience through increased transparency and additional coaching opportunities.

In the face of the Great Resignation, Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, has released a collection of new capabilities designed to empower organizations to succeed in the Great Culture Transformation. The combination of high turnover and associated hiring reshuffles in the workforce is providing an opportunity to integrate new and innovative ideas and approaches to transform workplace culture.

“Employees and organizations are at a crossroads. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees want more from their companies than ever before and how organizations face the Great Transformation is pivotal,” explains Culture Amp Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Rod Hamilton. “To succeed, organizations need to reimagine their employee experience and provide employees with a new level of transparency, while charting and enabling a clear path for career growth.”

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After analyzing the exit survey data from over one million survey responses during 2021, Culture Amp found that the key attrition drivers are lack of growth and development opportunities, expectation overload as employees feel that they are being asked to do more than ever, and poor role enablement as people do not have the information and tools that they need to be successful.

Culture Amp’s new survey summary empowers employees with next-level transparency by providing all employees with engagement survey results, directly connecting survey results with growth opportunities and coaching opportunities, and providing personalized insights.

“The crucial question that leaders should be asking themselves today is how can they be more transparent? How can managers acknowledge how employees feel and how can organizations commit to taking action to improve their employee experience,” continued Hamilton. “When you seek employee input and participation, you’ll be able to drive more meaningful change at your company.”

Importantly, Culture Amp’s team of people scientists has found that, based on the data from more than 8 million surveys, when survey results are shared participation goes up on average by 7 percentage points in organizations’ next survey and that employees rate questions related to action-taking more highly.

From its work with over 4,500 companies, Culture Amp’s data shows that when you share results with employees, managers are inviting people to participate in broader conversations around growth opportunities, prioritization, and what actions the company should take to improve its employee experience.

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New product capabilities

To encourage companies to share more information with their employees, Culture Amp is launching the new survey summary to provide all employees with the reports and data they need to reimagine their employee experience. The survey summary connects engagement data with actionable insight and provides next-level transparency.

The survey summary provides the data and recommended insight to empower employees to acquire new skills, put them into practice, and drive more meaningful and productive outcomes for their teams.

The survey summary allows organizations to:
Share with context: With personalized text options this tool makes it simple for company leaders to include their thoughts or details on how these results will shape company priorities. This is an opportunity to add a personal touch, thank employees for participating, and demonstrate how the company truly values the results.

Personalize the results: The survey summary contains high-level company results and customizable tabs for other demographics like team or department. Additionally, it provides personalized insights by reminding employees how they responded to survey questions.

Deliver immediate value: The summary can be shared as soon as the survey closes, acknowledging that you’re listening and planning to take action on the results. Organizations can then invite employees to share their perspective and discuss what comes next with their manager and teams.

The combination of sharing the company findings along with the individual’s own response works to superpower employee engagement and motivation. Employees are provided with the overall context on where the company needs to focus, and they’re able to see the direct connection to their own individual experience at work. By connecting it back to the employee, organizations are able to drive home the employee’s own ability to take action for both the company and for themselves.

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