Temperature Scanning Technology is Proving Crucial as Employees Return to Work

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Despite a reduction of COVID-19 cases in recent months, organizations and businesses still remain wary as employees return to work. For instance, a key indicator of COVID-19 infection is a raised body temperature but, as individuals may not even be aware of this themselves, businesses and organizations must seek ways to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. As such, many have begun seeking innovative and comprehensive solutions to ensure the safety of their worker, as well as customers. Some of these advanced solutions make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for more accurate measurement of physiological parameters, particularly body temperature. The measurement of core body temperature may seem simple, however, AI in medicine relies on algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data, simplifying the process and delivering cutting-edge results. Now, owning to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, demand for body temperature scanner device is expected to increase. Tevano Systems Holdings Inc., Cerner Corporation, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. , Teladoc Health, Inc., GoodRx Holdings, Inc.

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Additionally, the rapidly increasing adoption of cloud computing techniques has facilitated the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions for mining large amounts of data to identify mistakes in the present scenarios and offer alternative solutions in complex situations. And, according to Mordor Intelligence, the artificial intelligence in the medicine market was valued at USD 4490.3 Million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 34882.58 Million by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 39.8% over the forecast period (2021-2026).

Tevano Systems Holdings Inc. announced last week that, “it has completed the deployment of multiple Health Shield devices at Surrey Honda, the largest volume Honda dealer in British Columbia for retail sales.

Surrey Honda has been in operation for more than 20 years and employs over 65 people.

‘Our priorities are to make sure our staff and customers are safe and secure when at our premises,’ said Tim Van Dyke, Sales Manager, Surrey Honda. “Having Health Shield at our entrances gives people reassurance, letting them know that they’re coming into a safe environment. This is the new normal for our business, and because of that, Health Shield will be in place here forever. We aren’t about to let our guard down.”

See how Surrey Honda deployed Health Shield devices here.

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Health Shield devices have been installed at multiple entrance points used by significant numbers of customers and staff. Using thermal imaging, the Health Shield device can carry out split second temperature sensing of visitors with near perfect accuracy. AI-powered facial detection ensures face mask compliance and alerting options — including SMS, localized alarms, detailed on screen messaging and turnstyle lockdown — can be customized by operators to ensure specific safety protocols are met and backed up by recorded data.

‘Surrey Honda is another great example of a company that has taken a strong, proactive role in protecting its teams and customers and the long term sustainability of its operations through the integration of our Health Shield technology,’ said David Bajwa, Tevano CEO. ‘Although deploying health monitoring devices at entrances is straightforward, it can be the difference between maintaining a thriving business and being faced with a forced closure, which is the nightmare scenario.’

A recently announced public health order, which took effect in early April, permits inspectors to expedite closures of workplaces where three or more employees have tested positive for COVID-19, and transmissions have been confirmed at the workplace. Owing to this, the stakes for businesses in doing everything they can to ensure safe workplaces, are increasingly high.”

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