Tandym Group Releases Salary Guide and Talent Engagement Insights for 2023

The 2023 Total Talent Guide reveals how employers can level up compensation, benefit offerings, and company culture to win over talent in a new era of work

 Tandym Group, a leading national recruitment, contract staffing, consulting, and workforce solutions company, released its 2023 Total Talent Guide titled, Smarter Strategies + Salaries for a New Era of Work. Research from the report shows that while it’s critical that companies understand today’s salary landscape, they must be willing to go beyond competitive compensation to successfully engage top talent in today’s unprecedented job market.

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“Heading into 2023, the job market is sending mixed signals. Loud layoffs are making headlines, but many industries are eager to hire—and cannot secure the talent they need fast enough,” says Dave Muller, Executive Vice President of Tandym Group’s Technology vertical. “Though market shifts will persist, the hiring environment will continue to be competitive for employers. Talent has become more selective than ever, and are no longer responding to old engagement strategies. We hope the information presented in this guide helps our partners future-proof their talent strategy.”

Findings of the report include:

  • Job seekers are feeling confident:
    • 91% of professionals who resigned during the Great Resignation, don’t regret it
    • Nearly 30% of professionals plan on leaving their job within the next year

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  • Compensation is a top engagement driver
    • 43% of employees do not feel compensated in a way that motivates them to perform their best at work
    • 57% of professionals would consider returning to a former employer for increased salary potential
  • Contractors feel left out
    • Nearly a quarter of contract employees do not feel included in their company’s culture
  • Employees lack opportunities for career development
    • 50% of employees do not see a path for career advancement with their current company

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  • Addressing burnout and mental health must be a priority
    • 64% of employees would like increased access to mental health resources at their company
    • 41% of employees do not agree that their company promotes a healthy work-life balance

The compensation data presented in the 2023 Total Talent Guide is based on market research and other proprietary data collected by Tandym Group. The analysis reveals salary benchmark information for sectors including Technology, Human Resources, Legal, Financial Services, Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Creative, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.

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