StaffCircle: New Data Shows That 40% of Businesses Don’t Offer the Most Valued Employee Benefits

Employees’ workplace expectations are evolving, and so are the benefits they value. But are employers doing enough to retain their staff?

StaffCircle empowers businesses to transform employee success by combining engagement, performance and culture. They’ve recently conducted extensive research into what benefits employees value the most in 2022 and whether employers are meeting their expectations.

The findings are both surprising and enlightening. Read on to find out more.

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40% of businesses DON’T offer the most valued employee benefit.

Flexible working was named as the most valued employee benefit in StaffCircle’s research, yet 40% of employers DO NOT offer this valued working practice. More than a third of UK employees stated they would leave their job if not offered flexible working options.

Both businesses and employees placed supportive, open and transparent management as their second-highest workplace priority.

Honest, transparent and supportive working experience ranked highly on the list of priorities for employees and employers alike. In order to attract and retain the best employees, employers need to consider their current internal processes and evaluate their culture.

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Employees value benefits, but employers don’t prioritise them.

StaffCircle’s research revealed that employees believe that a competitive benefits package is the fourth most important work practice, whereas less than half of companies offer them. Benefits packages don’t have to rely on salary to be competitive, offering meaningful benefits such as insurance, mental health support, or access to discounts.

StaffCircle combines performance management and employee engagement into one cloud platform. It delivers a holistic approach to managing employee experience, giving 360 insight into performance, engagement and sentiment across distributed, dispersed workforces.

These data-driven insights provide the basis for informed decision-making and a more strategic HR function. Their unique approach is helping customers across the UK to achieve high-performing cultures with more engaged employees and strengthening their ability to attract and retain talent.

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